Vintage dresses that are funky, not dodgy


According to Bordello Princess, vintage fashion isn’t always easy.  You want to look retro, not oldish.  You want to look funky, not dodgy.  In fact, I would say, vintage isn’t for everybody.  You need to be kooky enough to be able to wear stuff that are dated with an attitude. 

But if you think you like the dresses you see here, then the vintage apparel at Bordello Princess may work for you.  What’s interesting at Bordello Princess is that you get choices from four princesses.

Rich, luxe recycled furs or faux from Lulu, the quintessential Parisian glamour babe.

Pleated tartan kilts, pastel shades, varsity shirts, cashmere princess-sleeved sweaters from preppy college chick Anna-Leigh who likes to be just a bit different.

Dizzying florals, paisleys, floor-grazing skirts, crotchet ponchos inspired by the swinging 60s and beatnik 70s from bohemian Lianna.

Victorian, sexy and sensual vintage pieces from smouldering Sloane who does her best not to do a Monroe impersonation.  

And these are supposedly real vintage pieces, all lovingly restored, embellished and dry-cleaned to a spic-and-span condition. No bugs, no holes, no broken zippers, and no musty smells.

So if you’re into vintage fashion, you will want to check out Bordello Princess and it may also cheer you to know that the online vintage boutique is based in Singapore and offers options for international shipping as well.

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