Pretty ruffle bags for fun and frills


Ruffle dresses.  Ruffle tops.  Ruffle skirts.  They fun, they’re frilly and they’re in!  But not everyone look good in ruffles.  I know I can’t handle them on my body.   So for ladies like us, what options do we have with ruffles?  Ruffle bags!  They’re hip too!  Then again, not all ruffle bags look good.  Some are downright ugly.  Here, I found three that I thought are rather pretty and the best part is, they’re affordable. (No need for Be & D Kan Kan ruffled bags!)

Like these two super feminine ruffle evening bag designed by Coast that are beautifully designed with layered ruffle detail with side satin bow and comes in 2 colors: cream & black. Available from ASOS at £35.00 with options for international shipping.


Or this flirty black ruffle design handbag with single zip compartment and bamboo handles at £25 from Coco Collections with options for international shipping too.


And this pearl dots with velvet and ruffles purse that you can use as a clutch or a cosmetic pouch at US$54 from Oktak’s shop.  Just add US$5.50 for shipping outside US and Canada.

Check them all out and make a ruffled statement with these arm candies!

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