Corsages make feminine fashion accessory

Han Ye Seul Korean SI Fashion Wear

I was going through the Fall/Winter collection of some of the Korean fashion catalogues and noticed that a number of them feature corsages as the dominant accessory in formal wear. Depending on the design of the corsages, some of them complement plain jackets very well and even add a romantic dimension to the look.


However, they can also look very wrong if their designs are poor and are not well coordinated. Those you see on the pictures below for example, look no different from a bouquet of flowers and are such a riot to the eye. Definitely overly drama and clash big time with the colored patterned frilly tops!

frilly korean tops with corsages

So corsages are not just for weddings. I guess using corsages as a fashion accessory is really an extension of the soft, feminine and romantic fashion trend. They’re best worn with jackets but I imagine that smaller ones can make pretty accessories on plain dresses too. If you’re keen to use corsages to add color to your wardrobe, I suggest you look them up at

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    Flower power! I love them! They can easily glam up dresses, blouses, and even your hair. I personally think it’s okay to be bold with them and experiment. Carrie Bradshaw wears it so perfectly. :)

    MisSmall: I agree. Bold to make a statement, as long as it doesn’t clash with the clothes. :)


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