Up to 18% off elly b Organic Skincare

elly b Organic Skincare

I received an email in my inbox that you can enjoy up to 18% off elly b Organic Skincare products at Shinorganic. elly b Organic Skincare is a range of 100% Australian made and owned natural line consisting of both facial and body products.

According to their website at www.ellyb.com.au, all their products are packed with 100% certified organic and naturally derived ingredients. They also state that their natural preservative system is made up of anti oxidants and anti bacterial extracts blended with essential oils & herbal extracts.

It is effective in low doses and does not create skin sensitivities or allergic reactions. Our bottles have pump dispensers, which also helps to protect our products from contamination. We do not use any synthetic or chemical preservatives (ie parabens or preservatives containing formaldehyde).

I have not tried this range but I have bought products from Shinorganic and have been pleased with their prompt service and speedy delivery. Because they’re based in Singapore, shipping locally is free. International shipping is available and waived too with purchases of US$100 and above.

I bought my John Masters Organics from them and I do love it when they have special discounts off their range. The elly b Nourishing Night Cream which is a best seller is now available at US$52 instead of US$58 for example. So those into organic skincare might want to check this current offer.

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