Discounts off handy pouches & wristlets

Handmade purse, pouch & wristlet

I am in love with these handy purses, pouches and wristlets which are pretty and totally functional! I mean, can anything get better than a 3-in-1 purse or an organizer wristlet that allows you to throw in your cash, cards, makeup, notepads, keys, pens, sweets and more? They’re wonderful to organize my clutter and bring around anywhere! And they’re not expensive with prices in the range of between US$14.99 and $26.99.


From now till 31 Dec 2008, ALL readers of Viva Woman can receive up to 15% discount if you use the following promo code when buying these purses, pouches and wristlets from The Laughing House which ships internationally.

viva10 : 10% discount on all items
viva 315: 15% discount with 3 items in a single receipt
* Excludes items that are on sale and under the “stock clearance” section.

Good deal eh?

Organizer Clutch Wristlet

There are plenty of selections and my favorite is the unique Organizer Clutch Wristlet! Every girl needs this because it’s great for everyday use! I definitely want one of these to replace my current cosmetic pouch which I sometimes dump my wallet, coin purse and phone in. This will definitely help me stay more organized!

organizer clutch wristlet

The description indicates that the front section can be opened up like a book which allows you to put your cards, and a wider section to put receipts, or anything else. It closes with a magnetic snap closure, and another section at the front is big enough for you to put your tissue paper or sweets. Sounds and looks really compact and handy to me!

Morning Star Necklace

Winniel who runs this Etsy shop from Singapore also makes contemporary handmade jewelry which are very stylish and elegant at Winniel’s Signature Jewelry. If you’re keen to get any of her designs, you can use the same promo code (highlighted in pink above) and get 10% or 15% depending on your order. Again, the code is not applicable for sales or clearance items.

Yeah! Shop and Save! Fantastic deals in time for X’mas shopping! Only from Viva Woman!

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  1. Ms. Blacklace says

    I’ve checked out the pouches and they looked so great and cute!

    I thought they were in singapore dollars. Lol….

    Ms Blacklace: If I’m not wrong, most if not all the items on Etsy are in USD.

  2. says

    Hey these remind me of the stuff I saw at Etsy! I’m definitely checking these out :)

    Tine: Yeah, they are! I hope you like them!

  3. says

    just checked the website, they have so many cute stuff! but..the price is quite an ouch now (i js bought a new notebook, yay!)

    prettybeautiful: Oh, that’s a pity. Hmm…the price is such because the items are handmade. I would say it’s reasonable.

  4. says

    Great! About time to look for another wristlet since my current one is getting a little worn out. I’ll check the website out after I’m done with my work later. Thanks!:)

    crazymommy: I hope you’ll find something you’ll like! :)

  5. says

    How is that pair of nail clippers? I recall seeing them from somewhere but can’t place it! Were they from Daiso or KAI?

    And oh, I see a Px lippy! Long time no see.

    Mag: Ah…that’s not mine. It’s a picture taken from The Laughing House.

  6. says

    Oops. Just clicked on your link and saw that the photos were from the LH site! LOL!

    Mag: And I answered your last comment before seeing this one! Haha…

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