Retro will never go out of fashion

Wondergirls Retro Fashion

I was smittened with these retro dresses worn by the Korean pop group Wondergirls as part of the campaign to launch their own makeup line under Peripera Wonder Line. The prints and colors are so vibrant and eye catching! And they look pretty kinky with those colored stockings. Of course it helped that they’ve gotten themselves bob hairdos, which immediately transpose them back to the 60s.

Wondergirls Retro Fashion

I then remembered a dress I have that has somewhat similar prints. It’s a halterneck dress in pink and black prints. I used to wear it a couple of years ago but because I love the design, I didn’t throw it away even though I haven’t worn it for awhile. Pretty retro I think. All I need are chunky earrings, black stockings and a pair of nice bright colorful shoes to update the look. But I’m still short of the bob hairdo though!

Retro dress

So do you have something that is retro that you haven’t worn for awhile? All you need to do is to dig it out, update the look with some accessories and it’s good to wear again. Because retro will never go out of fashion!

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  1. says

    Classic never goes out of fashion and I really like that 1st picture even if I don’t quite like colorful legs heh…

    ParisB: You don’t? I like the colored stockings with the hip factor. But for myself, I’ll probably stick to safer colors to fit my age.

  2. says

    Ah hah! I love the wondergirls and their style really matches their single and music.
    Peripara was kind of riding on their new single success and went along with the retro theme.

    pexxyish: They all look very cute in the retro theme…better than the leopard prints!

  3. says

    Hey Viva Beauty,

    I agree with you. Retro won’t go out of style… I have a blue dress with pokka dot. Although i have stopped wearing it for sometimes, though i believe the craze will come back. Has it back already?

    Jessica: It has become a classic look and anything remotely vintage is hot these days. So you can wear your purple top with style!

  4. says

    I completely agree with you Sesame, I love Retro prints.

    Leon: Plus they add a very warm nostagic dimension to the personality!

  5. says

    What a pretty dress, Sesame! Don’t forget your falsies and mod makeup (pale, pale lips)!

    Mag: Pale lips okay but I don’t do falsies… 😛

  6. favcolorblue says

    I love their hair. Maybe because I’m not familiar with them, but they look almost all the same.

    Favcolorblue: Haha…that’s true. With that hairdo, they look kind of the same.

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