Viva Woman Apr VivaBella Giveaway Winner

april giveaway Viva Woman Apr VivaBella Giveaway Winner

Once again, a huge thanks to everyone who participated in the Viva Woman Apr VivaBella Giveaway. We have a winner and the person is Michelle M of comment number 123. Congratulations Michelle!

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Michelle M April 6, 2009 11.49am says:
I love that LashMantra is all natural!

I have already written to you so please respond with a valid mailing address.

For the rest, look out for May giveaway which will be more exciting!

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  1. congratz to the winner XD!

  2. Ms. Blacklace says:

    Hooray to Michelle!

    Oh yea, I heard that castor oil also thickens lashes. However, castor oil can irritate the eyes like pepper spray. So have to use with caution.

    But there’s 2 types of castor oil. Cold pressed and expeller pressed. I wonder which one is better…

    Ms Blacklace: My understanding is that all cold pressed oils are expeller pressed too. Cold pressed is better because of the control in temperature.

  3. Michelle m says:

    Thanks…this is a great win. I am so excited!

    Michelle: You’re welcome! :grin:

  4. pipsila says:

    Extra virgin olive oil can also help promote the growth of lashes. I applied EVOO on my lashes for 3 weeks, and I really saw a difference.

    Pipsila: Oh it does? Very interesting! I think I read somewhere that castor oil has this effect. Didn’t know that EVOO can do the same…

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