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Viva Woman July VivaBella Giveaway

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It’s time for this month’s VivaBella Giveaway and are you ready? Because I’m playing slightly different this month! Well, instead of the usual one winner, this month’s items will be given to TWO WINNERS! Yes! All in all, we have 20 lovely items worth about US$350 coming from nine very generous sponsors plus my own loot so I’m going to split them up and pack them into two boxes for two lucky ones!


1. Pling
Floral Bloom Set comprising a necklace and a pair of earrings.

2. Tellurus Handcrafted Jewelry
A pair of Khloris Swarovski Crystal Cascade earrings.

3. Ysabelle Sol Art Jewelry Designs
One Copper Moon Necklace.

4. GMA Jewellery
A pair of Golden Yellow Posy Drops earrings.

5. Zuii Organic
Certified organic makeup including a liquid foundation in natural fair; a lipstick in coral red; a lip tint in poppy and a lip tint in tulip.

6. C’est Naturel
A 240ml mud wash with lavender oil & geranium extract for face; a skin repair cream with avocado, jojoba & olive oil; a 180ml salt foot scrub with orange and rose oil; plus a 110ml foot nourisher with jojoba seed extract.

7. Khuraira
An age-control concealer & a dark circle complex primer.

8. Eco Glo Minerals
One eyeshadow in Rust and one eyeshadow in Moss plus one eyeshadow brush.

9. Marie-Veronique Organics
Five Creme de Soleil SPF30+ samples.

10. ZA
Eyeshadow, mascara, dewy effect lotion and dewy effect emulsifier.

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Jewelry from Pling, GMA Jewelry, Ysabelle and Tellurus.

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Makeup items from Zuii Organic & Eco Glo Minerals.

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Products from C’est Naturel & Khuraira.

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Sunscreen samples from Marie-Veronique Organics and products from ZA.


Scavenger Hunt
Explore at least one shop from any of the giveaway contributors from 1 to 9 via the links listed above. Find an item that you like from the shop or some info about the shop, then leave a comment in the comments field on this post letting me know which shop you’ve visited along with the link to the item or info you found there. You can enter more than once; just share ONE DIFFERENT LINK PER COMMENT!


Broadcast This Giveaway
Spread the word about the Viva Woman July VivaBella Giveaway via your blog, twitter, facebook, plurk, myspace, forum or whatever online social network community with a link back to this post. Then, come back here and leave a comment telling me that you wrote about the giveaway with a link to where you post.


1. You must follow the rules for your entry to be valid.
1. (Invalid entries will be deleted.)

2. Remember to provide a valid email address.

3. The items are not redeemable for cash.

4. The giveaway will be opened till 12 midnight SST on 25 July 09.

5. Two winners will be randomly picked via random.org.

6. Allocation of the giveaway items will be decided by me.

7. Everyone can participate, no matter which country you reside.

I’ll be checking my moderation box regularly, hence don’t worry if your comments do not appear immediately. SO HAVE FUN EXPLORING AND ENTER RIGHT AWAY!

Giveaway Disclaimer: Viva Woman has not tested all the products in the giveaway and cannot be responsible for any negative product experiences that arise from using them. Please use the products at your own discretion should you win them.

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About Sesame Chew

Blogger and founder of Viva Woman, Sesame is a skin care addict who is fond of using natural & organic beauty products. She also enjoys ogling at handmade jewelry & cute stationery.



  1. Ooh I love this Mineral Makeup Kit from Eco Glo Minerals

  2. I love mango flavor body mosoturisers. They smell so nice and sweet. Cest Naturel’s Body Whip with Shea Butter
    Papaya & Mango is just the right one for my body! I am gonna buy it someday =)


  3. Yeah this looks cool. http://www.khuraira.com/proddet.php?catid=2&prdid=W00001#

  4. Hi,
    I would love to try the certified organic flora lip tint from Zuii!


  5. joannep says:

    Deadsea mud is the only thing that can control my hormonal acne breakout and this one from cestnaturel looks really interesting as I can add essential oils to the mud to create a multi-tasking face mask.


  6. Joanne J says:

    One of the nicest earrings I’ve came across :)

    nesting pretty in blue earrings

  7. Joanne J says:

    Woo take a look at Marie-Veronique Organics products and I am so amazed.

    Anti-Oxidant Supplement is my favorite product because it prevents & repairs sun damage for a girl like me who is always out in the sun.


  8. Huguette E says:

    My favorite from Khuraira
    Lash Lengthening Mascara


  9. Venetian Flowers Sterling Silver bracelet from Ysabelle Sol Art Jewelry Designs. It really is pretty.


  10. Crème de Jour Tinted, SPF 30 from Marie-Veronique Organics would be good for me


  11. Khuraira’s Eye Primer to help smoothen my eye area.


  12. Khuraira’s Frost Eye Color in Rustic looks pretty.


  13. My favorite item from Pling is the sparkly flower choker necklace


  14. My favorite item from Tellurus is the Floralia Tassels earrings.


  15. My favorite item from Ysabelle Sol is the Turquoise and Sterling Silver Cielo Necklace


  16. My favorite item from GMA Jewellery is the Emerald sweetheart pendant necklace


  17. My favorite item from Zuii Organic is the CERTIFIED ORGANIC FLORA LIQUID FOUNDATION


  18. My favorite item from C’est Naturel is the Pink Himalayan Salt


  19. My favorite item from Khuraira is the Dark circle complex Primer


  20. My favorite item from Eco Glo Minerals is the Mineral Eye Shadow – Smokey Eye Kit


  21. My favorite item from Marie-Veronique Organics is the Oatmeal Honey scrub


  22. Mei mei says:

    This necklace is super cute. It even has a few pages for you write a little something on your secret diary!


  23. It’s my bithday this month and I would love to receive this as a birthday gift from my boyfriend, hehe.

    Eye Primer from Kkhuraira

  24. https://www.zuiiorganic.com/products/Certified-Organic-Flora-Lip-Tint.html

    Zuii Lip Tint is definitely good for my dry and chapped lips! =)

  25. http://www.cestnaturel.com/MineralMist.html
    This seems to be a great addition to my skincare regime. =)

  26. http://www.khuraira.com/proddet.php?catid=2&prdid=T00001
    This packaging is irresistable!

  27. http://www.khuraira.com/proddet.php?catid=5&prdid=L00004
    This brush looks to be a great multi-tasker.

  28. http://www.khuraira.com/proddet.php?catid=3&prdid=O00002
    I just love blush!

  29. http://www.khuraira.com/proddet.php?catid=5&prdid=R00006
    This would be great for travelling!

  30. Huguette E. says:

    My favorite from eco glow minerals is the Mineral Eye Shadow – 5pc Earthy Set


  31. Huguette E. says:

    My favorite from Marie Veronique is the anti aging supplement


  32. Huguette E. says:

    posted on twitter

  33. I have always love smoky eyes makeup but is unable to achieve the effects I want. The Mineral Eye Shadow – Smokey Eye Kit from Eco Glo minerals is the right kit I need.


  34. Sar e Sang Blue Lapis Lazuli and 14k Gold Filled Necklace is simple yet unique.

  35. la vie en rosa necklace from Pling

  36. Joanna says:

    I’m interested in the Crème de Jour Tinted moisturiser>< I am always on the outlook for a natural sunscreen, this just sounds perfect!


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