Viva Challenge: slap slap your face every day

This week’s Viva Challenge is to slap your face and I mean it literally.  Okay, no need to slap your face hard.  What I really mean to say is to lightly tap your face whenever you’re applying your skin care products.   Remember some of those SK-II ads?  Did you notice how some of the models lightly tap the treatment essence into their skin?  That’s what I’m talking about.  And what does this do for your skin you ask?  Well, I learnt that this helps your skin care products to penetrate into your skin more effectively.

Beauty tip from a Korean expert
I remember doing this some years back when I was using Creme de la Mer and I was still doing so when I was using L’Occitane’s products. Then I forgot all about it since I was mostly massaging oil into my face. Last week, when I visited Spa Scene at Raffles City Shopping Centre, the Beauty Team Director Han Myung Ok, who did a Korean Traditional Anti-Aging Facial for me reminded me to do this often. I also realized that instructions on the Korean products stated the same technique.

Helps our skin absorb our skin care products better
We all know that our facial skin is particularly delicate and we should apply our skin care products gently while ensuring that the goodies penetrate into our skin. However, we can’t be rubbing the lotion or cream into our skin as that would stretch our skin and promote sagging. So what can you do?

Steps to gently tap your skin care products
First, apply your products using short, firm strokes to your skin using your middle finger. Next, gently tap that lotion or cream for a few moments to help your skin absorb them. You can tap for half a minute if you like and do it with every single layer of products you apply. With a more watery product like a toner or lotion, you can pour the required amount into the cupped palm of your hand and then use your fingers to dab and then tap on your skin directly. However, I don’t do this with my sunscreen application though.

Important to apply skin care products correctly
One of the information I picked out when reading The Japanese Skincare Revolution from Chizu Saeki is that the success of using a skincare product is actually in how we apply the product. You may be using the best product, but if you’re not applying it correctly, you may not get the best results. So it’s actually important that we pay attention to how instructions are given before we begin using our skin care products. For example, instructions for Creme de la Mer state that to activate the broth and release its key ingredients, warm a small amount between your fingertips before application. In the application of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, the instructions is to sprinkle the essence into the cupped palm, rub hands together and press gently and evenly onto face and neck.

Quest for glowing, beautiful skin
I did find that my skin glowed a lot more during the days when I used this tapping technique. So yes, I’m definitely going to be more mindful about doing this consistently. And I’m pretty sure that there are some of you who are already tapping your face on a daily basis so do share your thoughts on it. For the others who are not, would you take up this challenge and join me in the quest for more beautiful skin?

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  1. says

    I was taught this at Kanebo – they recommend tapping in their toner instead of wiping it on. I’ve been doing that ever since and it works better to plump up skin. It only works for hydrating toners though, not the regular wipe off types.

    • sesame says

      It should work if the toner is applied directly on the skin. Can be used for serums and creams too.

  2. says

    There are different descriptions on various products to either tap or massage in the essence/moisturizer.

    If otherwise stated, I would tap or do both just to ‘play it safe.’

  3. HC says

    Yeah! I do that too! taught this from young. My mum is like 60 years and very very little winkles. I want to be like her when I am her age.

  4. says

    I don’t know about tapping toners as I’ve always used my cotton pads. Could it be messy?

    But for essences and creams and even makeup, I always tap. It lessens the tugging and minimizes wrinkling :)

    • sesame says

      Normally, you use cotton pads for toning if you intend to use it to wipe off any impurities after cleansing. But these days, many cleansers are supposed to do the job of effective cleaning so some brands advocate applying the toner directly onto the skin to deliver goodies as well as prep the skin for other products. Not messy…I guess it depends on preference.

  5. says

    hmmm this is very true… dr secrets also advocates applying products in a very gentle way… I’ve read countless skin care entries where they always recommend to tap in the essence or toners… great TIP!

    • sesame says

      Actually the Korean beauty expert did not just tapped the toner…she did it every step, after applying each layer which kind of surprised me.

      Btw, how’s Dr Secrets? You’ve tried it?

  6. Raelynn says

    it’s quite tiring to do it after every step, but i feel that it does aid in absorption of the product hence willing to make the effort to tap after each layer..

    • sesame says

      I find it quite time consuming…not good during rush hours in the mornings. May get tiring if one uses too many products though. 😛

  7. Cindy says

    I only tap my skin when applying toner. I used to apply them with cotton pad but now, I just pour a few drops onto my palm and pat onto my skin :)

    But I don’t tap after every application, kinda lazy haha!

  8. says

    dr secrets is really gd for me… it helped soothe my acne and they also taught me to wash my face gently and to be light handed… in this case, it’s nice to know I can apply the tapping method at any step :thanks!

    • sesame says

      You’re welcome!

      I thought the Dr Secrets’ products look interesting. But I don’t think I’ll check them out yet. Maybe later…

  9. says

    I tap my products too, especially my toner, my serum, and my moisturizer. I feel like it makes my skin look more glowy. I used to rub in my skincare products, but my sensitive face would turn a little red haha.

  10. eliza says

    i also “slap” in the products too, especially with the moisturizer. Learn from a friend who said if the products not absorb properly and just lay on the skin layer there would be problems of product not being use to the max and clogged pores

  11. hazelnut says

    yesyes i love slappin too… makes me feel like it absorb better and can make my face smaller… ha

  12. says

    I also found the skin will looks better with tapping and massaging, slapping is too rash for my sensitive skin.

  13. Raelynn says

    yeap.. not a good thing if you are using too many products. which does encourage you to cut down on the products that you use, good for wallet, good for skin. hahahhaa

    • sesame says

      Actually makes me wonder how the Koreans do this since they do slap on quite a bit of stuff!

  14. Bee says

    This sounds interesting to try! I think I’ll start doing it now.. hope I don’t forget..
    This is completely off topic but I’ve been wondering what you use as a hand sanitizer.. I’ve come across a product called CleanWell a while ago and I’ve been curious about it since but I’ve never tried it.. I’d like to get it or some other hand sanitizer because I’m still a student and gosh.. my school feels quite dirty..

  15. Angel says

    Do you think that this can/should be done around the eye area too?
    I can’t quite envision this…do you have a video or anything showing this technique?

    Thanks :)

    • sesame says

      Not much on the eyes, but you should be dabbing your eye cream with your middle finger so that does have some tapping effects.

      The best I can point to you is to watch the commercials over at SK-II Korean site The second lady does a bit of the tapping on her face. What you need to do is to tap upwards and outwards after you’ve applied your lotion or cream for half a minute. If using toner, then you can dab and tap on your skin directly.

  16. Lana says

    I have a question that is a little bit off topic. So tapping or slapping the skincare products on is good, right? To always be extra gentle. So what about scrub and exfoliating? I’ve always thought that scrubs and exfoliatants are too harsh for the skin. I just rub gently when I’m in the shower to loosen up the dead skin cells. Is that bad? I find that any other method is pretty rough on my sensitive skin no matter how gentle the product or how soft a brush is. Could you do a post on that? Is rubbing my skin bad?

    • sesame says

      Rubbing is bad because it stretches your skin and in the long run, can cause wrinkle and sagging. You may not see it now.

      Exfoliating is actually encouraged at least once a week. If you find it too much for your sensitive skin, try adding the scrub to your usual cleanser to dilute it. Or use natural ingredients like Kiwi and yogurt to exfoliate. Look under my homemade/DIY section where I have discussed this in a few posts.

  17. says

    I do the tapping quite often when applying skincare…after toner, serum and moisturiser. just love to do it and the feeling…..of course, I know of its benefits as well.

  18. says

    Great tip! Here’s another I got from the Laneige box:

    After applying, place your hands on your face. The natural warmth will help the skin absorb the product faster. Plus it’s soothing 😀

  19. Maria Duque says


    I will like you please to answear two questions

    1. Which brand is better:


    2. My boyfriend is korean and I will like to know which korean brand is better for skin care, not make up, but skin care.


    Maria Andrea

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