How far would you go to beautify your hands?


I’m really bothered by my hands. They are a dead giveaway for my age as they’re bony, veiny and crepey.  Hand creams do not help much to improve how they look since the creams only moisturize the top layer of the skin.  I’ve been trying out several home remedies but since they do take some time to prepare, I’ve recently taken to applying nourishing face mask to my hands.  In addition, I’ve been applying emu oil on them every night in the hope of thickening the skin and improving its elasticity.  

hand mask

I don’t think this is anything extravagant, considering I’m not doing any special treatments. Well, whatever I’m doing is definitely insignificant when compared to hand model Ellen Sirot.

Keeping hands above waist level
As reported, the length that Ms Sirot achieves her veinless-poreless-hairless-looking hands is rather appalling.  Apparently, she hasn’t cooked, cleaned or held her husband’s hand in a decade. The latter activity would mean keeping her hands below her waist, which would increase blood flow and make veins more apparent.

She also moisturizes at least once an hour, soaks her nail tips in lemon juice to keep them white and has several hundred pairs of gloves in various styles and wears them almost constantly.

Around the house, she lets her husband do pretty much everything — including wiping smudges from her various hand unguents off doorknobs. Typing is allowed, but in an effort to avoid any kind of callous buildup or muscle strain, she keeps pen use to a minimum. (Her signature is a quick horizontal line.)

And if her husband isn’t there to open the car door, Ms. Sirot does it by using a bit of choreography that involves her knuckle and her knee.

Tip to reduce veins on our hands
She’s seriously obsessed with her hands!  I certainly can’t imagine not holding the hands of my husband and my kid!  In fact, I was just told that to make our veins look less apparent, one way is to do a hand exercise which involves standing up and throwing our hands into the air above our heads for about twenty times a day. Well, that I certainly can do!

So are you happy with the state of your hands?  How far would you go to beautify them?  Would you consider plumping fillers and other cosmetic injections?  And do you have any tips to improve the state of my hands?

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  1. stella says

    that’s pretty hardcore altho’ i must say that i also have pretty smooth hands ‘coz i haven’t need to do any household chores in my life (thank you mom!) and even if i do, i think i’ll just fully mechanise my home hehee (i’m a firm believer in making technology work for you and i rather be reading anyway :p)

    unless my hands feel really dry, i don’t really take any extra steps to keep them in tip top condition in sg. it’s so hot and humid, i can’t stand handcream on my hands – well, i do put it on 1x a day in the very air-conditioned office… i do a scrub if i feel like my cuticles are starting to die on me because i love picking them

    • sesame says

      You’re a lucky gal!

      For the cuticles, maybe you want to try using those cuticle pens? I use the one from Mavala and it’s great because it keeps them nourish and not so dry looking. In fact, they look like they’ve been manicured when I use this.

  2. says

    wow! I don’t think I have the luxury of living without using my hands below my waist.

    I do have the luxury of mum doing all the housework till now.

    But I am pretty sure I would have to do all that for my future husband and kids.

    So I guess the only way is to age gracefully. =)

    • sesame says

      My hands were already veiny in my 20s even when I didn’t do housework…due to the kind of sports I did back then. *sigh*

  3. pf1123 says

    I also have rather smooth hands as my mum does the housework too. I don’t use hand cream regularly. I have one which I bring overseas and use b4 I sleep. Thats just a kind of a comfort/pre sleep routine away from home, I think.

    Anyway, somebody said to me that hand creams just covers the surface of skin and the skin would just die more quickly under it resulting in the increase of hand cream application. I don’t know whether thats true or not. But I know that my hands are getting coarser from my skin care products. The back of my hand is smoother than my palm. :(

    I saw hand masks in Guardian. Interested parties can take a look. :)

    • sesame says

      Hey that’s interesting! I think it’s a bit like lip balm. Some of the ingredients like mineral oil, petrolateum and beewax may have this effect of just covering the surface of the skin.

  4. Reese says

    I have been ignoring my hands since teens, I cheated when I apply olive oil at night on my body and hope my hand will absorb all the goodness when they massage my arms and legs. But then for some reason, I always ended up washing my hands LOL.

    • sesame says

      Too much hand washing is a culprit isn’t it? I have this bad habit too! Apply hand cream and then wash my hands…so sometimes I avoid applying since I will be washing my hands anyway! 😛

  5. says

    that woman is hard core…where did she find a man who does all that?

    Even though i am very young i have obsessed with my hands. I still do the house work though but i have been told how beautiful and soft my hands are my whole life.

    I avoid callous casing activity, and put on hand cream every 2 hours @ work due to the environment and a deep hand cream at night before bed. In the summer i also use a whitening hand cream.

    • sesame says

      I really don’t know why the husband puts up with these…maybe she gets real good money from it but whatever she’s doing is really too radical.

      You’re so lucky to have beautiful hands…I need to find a deep hand cream for night usage! Thanks for the tip.

  6. JackieA says

    Wow! the lengths these ladies will go to! I noticed that my hands were looking less than stellar lately and I have stepped up my routine by using handcream twice a day. However, I think my hands look decent because I have always practiced this:- when I moisturize my face and neck, I use the access (whatever little is left on fingers) and rub it on the backs of my hands as well as elbows. I have practiced this forever and I believe this is why the backs of my hands have remained smooth. I have also written on this on my blog:

    • sesame says

      Oh that’s a fantastic tip! I was told to do this too but I always find that there isn’t enough to put on my hand. Hmm…I must try to make the effort. I think the face creams can penetrate our skin better than hand creams.

  7. pf1123 says

    I don’t understand why my hands become rougher when I apply skin care. They should be smoother right?!

    In addition, I noticed that using too much hand soap is also bad. Especially I would use soap to wash my hands after cosmetic applications to get rid of eye primer and cream shadow on my fingers. Those are the 2 items I use my hands to apply, besides cream blush and bb cream on certain days.

    • sesame says

      Soaps are usually bad as in it can be drying to your skin unless you’re using those that are handmade. Even those I find can be too squeaky clean…

      For your hands, I find it strange but I don’t know why. But your skin on your hands are thinner than your face so maybe you have sensitive skin?

    • jo locsin says

      scrub your hand at night just before bedtime, use fine foot scrub (like nail file) then apply hand moisturizer over nyt. do the same for your your feet . . .

    • sesame says

      Very strange indeed…did you ever try to ask your beautician? I wonder if they have some clues.

  8. says

    i used to be proud of my hands, but not anymore. it wasn’t cuz of veins or anything like those, but because of a scar which is really hideous n nothing can save it :( sigh. and really, no housechores for me really keeps the hands pretty n nice! 😀

    • sesame says

      You can apply anything to minimize the scars anymore? I have a scar on my left hand too – a very obvious one. Thanks to my days of being a reckless youth!

  9. raelynn says

    i think that’s why handcare sets come in a set of hand wash and moisturizer as a pair. u’re supposed to moisturize immediately after washing them.

  10. says

    Oh wow… she so hardcore ah!

    For me.. I think I pretty lucky! cos I have apair of very fair, poreless and almost vein less hand!!! Its even fairer then my face!!

    If I put my hands beside my face… my face was so dark in redish tone!!!!

    I cook, I wash, let my doggies biting my hands and ects!!

    I just wish that my face was as nice as my hands! lolx

  11. Suz says

    my mom is Iraqi and she swears by 100% Pure Glycerin. She uses this every night. People her age look old but my mom’s skin and hands are smooth and vein free. She puts pure lemon juice in the glycerin and rubs it on her face,hands, & feet. I am too into my face to care for hands right now. I am 23 but I do want to take care of myself but I don’t think I would be hardcore like that woman.

    • sesame says

      That’s an interesting recipe! I have pure glycerin but I’m not sure I like the feel of it very much. I might try it one day…

  12. Berry says

    Homemade serum with niacinamide, glycerin, Guardian rosewater and witch hazel. Then apply emu oil or moisturizer over it. If you want more powerful action to lighten age spots, add N-acetyl glucosamine.

  13. Jasmine says

    Wow, after flinging my hands up my veins disappeared instantaneously!

    Then, they returned. LOL

    • sesame says

      Yes, cos when we put our hands down, the blood will flow down again…so that’s why the hand model never puts her hand down below her waist level.

      I think the exercise might help to some extent in the long run…well, hopefully. 😉

  14. ms_benes says

    I’m the mother of a twenty-one year old and I can recall my mother telling me at that age – “Take care of your hands, in our family, the hands are the first to show age.” I never did listen to her and I regret it now. I often wonder if it’s because I’m thin that they look the way they do. Heavier girls have plumped up hands, no veins or bones. I’m not willing to gain weight :-) BUT I do you whatever facial moisturizer that doesn’t agree with my face on my hands and it helps!

  15. Berry says

    I think you can get it from but the customer service is a bit erratic. You need slightly under 1/2 tsp for a 4% concentration to make up to 30mls but if it’s your first time using, you may need half that concentration. It can cause flushing of your skin (known side effect). Glycerine should be adjusted according to how moisturizing you want it to be, too much can be sticky. Maybe half tsp to start with. Or you can also use aloe gel but glyerine is more moisturizing. The witch hazel has some alcohol, helps penetration.

    5 tsp. Distilled water
    3 ml Dimethyl Isosorbide(for penetration (10%)
    ½ tsp. Glucosamine (5%)
    ¼ tsp. Niacinamide (2.5%)
    1 tsp. Glycerin

    • sesame says

      Oooh…I have the same comments about whoopeekiddies and I’ve not been ordering from them for awhile now.

      Okay, I’ll give this a try when I can gather the ingredients. Thanks for sharing all the detailed instructions! :)

  16. Berry says

    Sorry that was somebody else’s recipe. Usually people would use 4% niacinamide. I substitute witch hazel for the DMI because you have to order the DMI from overseas (

  17. chenyze says

    I have a question for Suz about her Iraqi mom’s routine if she comes across this again! Does your mom actually apply the pure lemon juice (mixed in glycerin)to her face too? I always thought lemon juice was too acidic to be applied like that!

    • sesame says

      Okay, here’s the post I did before – – but it’s for new scars and it can help. You can also use rosehip oil, vitamin E oil, shea butter or aloe vera but these take time and can be harder for older scars. Cucumber and lemon juice may help to lighten too. Of course, the quickest is to go for laser treatments…

  18. says

    My hands were getting worse than previously recent years after so much housework. I only use hand cream and I think hand cream actually helps. Best if keep away from direct UV rays since we wash our hands frequently and not being protected from sun.

    • sesame says

      I believe they do help to an extent. The skin on my hands was quite bad for awhile but with constant moisturizing, it did look better. The problem is the veins and my hands are too bony!

  19. says

    Fortunate that my hands do not look my age. But neither does my face. Mostly genetics. There ARE a few age spots, but remembering to wash the backs and using sunscreen all help. My hands are VERY dry, so I have to use a rich cream or lotion every time I wash them.

    • sesame says

      Wow, you’re lucky. You’re also right that it’s also genetics. If you have good skin generally, most probably, your hands will look good too.

  20. emily says

    my hands look okie.. but they are very rough.. like farmer’s hands… is it due to the fact that i have sweaty palms?

    • sesame says

      Hmm…not sure if there is a link but if you’re referring to your palms, there could be some connection that you’re losing moisture?

  21. says

    Since young, my hands are small, bony and veiny, so I often envy girls and women with beautiful hands. I tried many kind of hand moisturizers and they don’t really help. I guess I have to live with ugly hands for the rest of my life… Sigh. 😛

    • sesame says

      It’s probably genetics. I have a SIL who is like that too but the skin on her face is quite good. For me, my veins developed when I did extreme sports in my 20s and now, they can’t be rid of! :( I also have to live with this…

  22. Rinka says

    i inherited my long fingers and pretty hands from my mum and from doing piano for over a decade, but because i have ecszma they get dry very quickly and sometimes look much older than my face. also my hands are about 2-3 shades darker than my face which looks really strange… i cant test foundation out on my hands because itll be completely inaccurate!

    recently ive started using a handcream with an spf, and at night i use a nourishing hand cream. i really believe in the saying that you can tell a woman’s age by looking at her hands!

  23. says

    my vein are showing odd to looking outside.
    please guide me about food or any exercise
    i m eating too much.
    thanks pinky

  24. James says

    I’d like to add an opposing view – that veins are very attractive!

    For me, women with veiny hands and feet are sexy (and no, I’m not some random internet perv – I’m a young, attractive guy with a beautiful girlfriend who has – you guessed it – veiny hands and feet!).

    So I say, learn to stop worrying and love the veins!


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