Atypical Desigual art bag to color my world

Desigual Tote Bag

Yesterday was a lousy day for me and although I was in town for a haircut, I didn’t have much mood for shopping. However, I chanced upon a sale at Desigual, popped in to take a quick look and ended up with this.

I love the brand and own some of their atypical hip and funky clothing. However, I’m not so keen on the current season’s as they just seem like a riot of colors and are way too over-the-top for me. But their bags did catch my eye awhile back. I stayed away only because of the prices but with a sale, I have a better excuse.

Two of their tote bags were particularly attractive but I picked this one because it was more casual and it was under S$100 at S$84. And this is not a sale item – apparently, the design just arrived this week! The art bag also bears the typical Desigual eclectic mix of patchwork patterns, combined with embroidery, silk screening and a usage of a complementary color palette.


Anyway, I liked Desigual over Mango and Zara definitely and I’m actually disappointed that Desigual has opened so many stores here now. It used to be “more exclusive” as they only had one store at Vivo City. Then, they started with one more at Marina Square and now, you see Desigual at Takashimaya, Tangs and Orchard Central too. It’s certainly not going to be as exclusive as before and I dread bumping into another person wearing the same art piece as me because their designs do stand out!

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  1. nora says

    Love the riot prints & colours for this brand.
    My hubby bought a bag for me for our wedding anniversary. I liked it ‘cos the “prints” are sewn on the bag.
    I thought of buying the dress or the men’s shirt.
    My hubby loves the brand. He bought a few shirts ‘cos it’s eclectic & unique. We love the 1st branch – Vivocity as it is not crowded.

  2. pf1123 says

    I think the designs of this brand is really nice. But >S$100 for a casual t-shirt?! Its just ridiculously expensive to me.

    • sesame says

      I prefer their skirts and the prices are not bad during their sale. I guess the price is due to their designs and of course cos they’re imported.

  3. Amy says

    Hihi, sorry off topic here.. wana ask u regards benefit cosmetics, i couldn’t find the link for ur review for benefits so i am posting it here.
    How long did it took for the delivery to reach u? Do u choose international shipping or via Vpost.?

    • sesame says

      About two weeks at most, both times I ordered. I used their international shipping option cos I shared with a friend.

  4. says

    Yup! I got mine in 2004 and still using it. It’s so easy to pair up with most of my outfits. I need to get a bigger one, I chose the smallest one as my birthday present.

  5. Amy Loh says

    Oh thanks.. Hmm i dun remember it has given me an option to choose international shipping… wonder if i did it rite..

  6. nora says

    I like this brand quite a bit. I went to shop for a present for my hubby today during lunchtime.
    I was checking out the right size for a particular shirt but the sales personnels didn’t even budge to help (one of them was standing behind me & another was doing her stocktake). The girl behind me was taking note on how many shirts I was holding!
    Luckily, I came with a friend who helped me to find the right sizes for the shirt & t-shirt. The sales personnel was unfriendly, stuck up & unhelpful. Some sales personnel likes to stereotype people by their casual wear – bermuda w/t-shirt or for my case – t-shirt w/jeans. Does the way I look/wear means I don’t have the cash to buy or I go there to shoplift? However, I love the warm service of Burberry in Takashimaya which don’t discriminate even when I’m in t-shirt & bermuda/jeans though it’s a high end boutique!
    I’m not sure whether I’m keen to go this store @ Vivocity again or I just go to 313Somerset instead.

    • sesame says

      I used to buy at Vivocity and the service was okay. I recently bought this bag at Taka and the lady was very friendly.

  7. mantissa says

    The vivo branch has really bad service – most of the sales people there are unhelpful and sulky.

    • sesame says

      I actually had quite good experience there initially. Maybe the sales staff have changed. But my recent experience at the Taka one was good.


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