Fashion: what inspires your style?

One of my goals this year is to spice up my weekend wardrobe. I’m going to vary my style more, and be a little more dressy (read: spend more on clothes).

I find that one of the issues I face, besides the brickbats from my husband, is the issue of dressing age-appropriate. On one hand, I don’t want to dress like the young girls but on the other hand, I don’t want to look like an aged auntie. So even though my thighs are much slimmer now and I can afford to show some legs, I just don’t think mini skirts are for me anymore.

Anyway, I’m keen to know if you have any fashion inspirations? Is there any style you particularly like or find suitable for yourself? For me, it’s definitely Japanese. Not their outrageous street fashion but the pretty but elegant style of the Japanese women. Rather understated, but nonetheless chic and whimsical. I think I can dress along that line, especially since I’m on the petite side.

(But I probably need to get myself nicer shoes!)

Clothes featured from Kumikyoku Japanese website.

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  1. stella says

    i like the casual chic of french women, which can be carried off by all ages (saves money!) black, greys and whites with pops of colors are easy to wear and doesn’t require much thinking too

    i used to do japanese style but it is very deliberate and seem to require lots of effort with coordination and all

    the older i get, the lazier i become too heh

    • sesame says

      French styles are nice! I love to look at them but I think I can’t carry it off too well. I try not to dress in dark colors cos I think they age me.

  2. says

    My inspiration comes from everywhere. normally, it’s a fusion to be practical (since we are living is tropical Singapore. And need to move around), yet must somehow stand out from the crowd.

    • sesame says

      You have a very nice style! Plus I think you’re quite tall so you can try various designs.

  3. zhenling says

    i like french styles too. for the above mentioned reasons as well. i like bohemian/ethnic style for acessories because they always have so much detail and can easily spice up a basic outfit.

    i was very into the japanese style in the pictures last year. but i find that it makes me look about 5 yrs younger than i really am sometimes.

    • sesame says

      Haha…5 years younger is good for me! But I understnad where you’re coming from…when I was your age, I tend to dress to look more mature.

  4. pf1123 says

    There’s a boutique chain called LVER. Its in Bugis and Vivocity (probably elsewhere too which I don’t know). Very understated, Japanese and chic but not cheap.

    I dress quite simply. Work clothes are boring blacks, greys and occasional purples. Outside of work…comfortable t shirt and jeans, 3 qtr pants…

    I’m quite large, so I don’t dress up like a christmas tree. And I show a hint of cleavage sometimes….just to distract ppl and avoid looking like a meat dumpling. hahahhaa…

    • sesame says

      I know that one and their designs caught my eye too. However, so far, I could only get one piece and then after that, I don’t like it…I still pop in to take a look sometimes but perhaps the cut don’t suit me or something…

      Hoho…like your comment about the cleavage bit…kekeke…

  5. Sparklewolfie says

    Have you looked at the galmama styles of Japan? It is young-looking, but also more casual and comfortable because it is a style aimed at mothers

    I personally dress up too much and wear lolita style all the time <_.<

    • sesame says

      Actually, I’m looking at the simple Japanese style…think it’s their choice of colors and coordinates. I didn’t know what it’s called though…

      Lolita is nice…wish I was younger to attempt that.

  6. Sparklewolfie says

    I think my emoticons messed up my previous comment… :(

    But basically I said that I like European styles that are chic and classic without standing out too much like Japanese style

    and American style for middle-age woman seems to me it feels like either only comfortable t-shirt and jean style or trying too hard to look like their teen daughter style which is very awkward….

    • sesame says

      European styles are understated, nice for work. But maybe boring for casual…that’s my opinion.

      Haha….trying hard to look like their daughter…now I remember reading somewhere that some moms and daughters dress like barbie girls.

  7. Angel says

    Japanese and Korean style influence my style the most. I think that they dress very well and even older ladies dress very chic. The one thing that I don’t like is boring fashion, I think that jeans and a tank top and sandals is so boring, but that is what I see repeated over and over in Florida. 😛 Since I am younger, I am taking more chances and dressing outside the box while I can. But evne as I get older, I promise to myself not to get all frumpy. I think that I am drawn to classy and feminine styles. I like those two examples in your little picture up top, those are SO cute. :)

    • sesame says

      I guess it depends on the place and the fashion sense of the majority. We used to be quite sloppy here and still are…

      As a whole, I think the Japanese women dress well. Perhaps their slim built helps but I find they don’t need to try too hard. Like you said, I like the feminine style too.

  8. Sparklewolfie says

    45-year-old Barbie moms are really awkward-looking when you can tell that they are 45 >.<

    • sesame says

      Haha…mental picture flashing…gaudy makeup, long fake eyelashes and pony tail with ribbons.

  9. Suz says

    I love your style..but I just don’t have the confidence to dress all out there..even though Japanese style of clothing is elegant and feminine. I want to dress my age but I never feel like I look young,my 23 yr old self, instead I feel old..and even if I dress young…I feel people wouldn’t think I am not old…so don’t know where to begin or what style to go I just dress plain and in, usually, dark colors. :( …but definitely my goal is to spend more on clothes and less on makeup and facial products.

    • sesame says

      One way is to get some help at the stores you purchase your clothes. Tell them your goal and I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to give you some advice. I’ll say two things – don’t wear stuff longer than knee (except for pants) and accessorize with simple jewelry. These tips may help you.

  10. Siew Ying says

    I love Korean and Japanese fashion, as I prefer understated, chic and feminine styles. I’m not a fan of Korean dramas, but looking at the pretty clothes the female artistes wear are so satisfying! Haven’t got around to looking at French fashion – any recommendations?

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