Am I too old to wear mini skirts?

My legs are probably not my best assets and that’s why, somewhere along the way maybe a decade or more ago, I stopped wearing mini skirts. I’ve often envied ladies with beautiful legs and wish I can look as good as them in shorter hemlines. However, since losing weight these two years, I noticed that my thighs don’t look so fat and my knees a lot less pudgy and decided, perhaps it’s time. But I’m now in that age group where mini skirts are said to out of limit so am I too old to wear them?

Funnily, my husband who is often critical of my fashion choices don’t think so and has been encouraging me to wear one. So the other day, I bought this cute little polka dotted mini skirt at a neighborhood store but it has been weeks, and I still haven’t got round to wearing it out.

I personally don’t think older women can’t wear mini skirts, unless their modesty is being compromised. In addition, why stop them if they have nice legs to begin with? I don’t have nice legs and so my issue is still, does this look good on me or more like, do I look good in this? Plus, I think I need to pull off the whole look with heels and that’s something I don’t always like to wear too.

Anyway, in times of uncertain fashion choices, I do turn to ask my husband. Again he never fails to surprise me, saying that this is not even a mini skirt! His idea of a mini skirt is one that barely covers the buttocks and THAT I think, I’m really too old for!

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    • sesame says

      Aiyoh, I must belong to a different generation cos that to me is a mini…at least that’s the shortest length I’ll wear without any leggings or pants beneath. 😛

  1. flym says

    Speaking for myself, I’m more inclined to go with Tim Gunn on style issues. Women past a certain age should avoid mini skirts. I think I read his view in one recent magazine; hemlines no more than 2 inches above or below knee for ladies above 40..even if one’s wearing opaque leggings. My own reason is not so much for dressing age-appropriate. Rather, I think my knees don’t look as nice as they used to : (

    But I also feel that as long as you’re comfortable (physically and mentally) wearing a short skirt, just go for it! Don’t worry about fashion police and all. Seriously, I think us ladies are just too critical of each other.

  2. says

    Don’t worry! I am all for it! I have seen so many ladies from the mature age group looking so good in minis and hot pants.

    I am not so for meaty people wearing minis though. Which I feel so sad to say, because I have left over fats from past obesity. And they are so hard to lose. I am afraid of wearing real minis. =( So wear them if you can fit in! =)

    • sesame says

      Okay, I get you. I’ve seen some young girls wearing them and totally looking off putting due to their fat thighs.

  3. stella says

    nah, this is so NOT a mini skirt lol, it’s an abovetheknee length… i wear skirts like this to work in fact (i’m 5ft 1 so i get away with it). i think women can wear whatever they want at any age BUT it really depends on WHO wears them and if they can carry off a mini skirt or something skimpy or whatever. most women above a certain age can’t simply ‘coz they dun feel good in them / aren’t wearing the right cut/style in that category; look at carine roitfeld, she’s definitely way above 40 and looks good/better in stuff younger women wear too. reminds me of a new ouyang feifei (taiwanese tina turner-esque singer) mtv i saw recently – couldn’t say much about it except ‘wow i wish my mom’s this funky! :p)

    • sesame says

      Haha…so mini skirts are still not for me cos this is a mini to me. I guess going by the comments, it can only be called a short skirt.

      Now that you mentioned Tina Turner, yes, that grandmother looks great in mini dresses and short skirts!

      * You’re lucky to be able to get away with shorter skirts at work. My work attire are always over the knees – they drag me down!

  4. Angel says

    I think that you look really cute! I think that it look appropriate for your body type. I think when most people say older woman shouldn’t wear mini skirts, they are thinking really tight and probably flashy color or decoration on them. I think that body type and the skirt style should be taken into consideration. I think you are pulling it off very well and I think that you have the balance of cute and a little flirty without going over the edge. :)

    • sesame says

      But I’m now told this is not a mini skirt…haha…so I probably still can’t pull off that look.

  5. Linh says

    You don’t look anywhere near old enough to get “looks” about wearing that length of skirt. But I will say I prefer straight hemmed skirts (the anal OCD in me) on women. I like the top part of your shirt (cute, and also seems to show off your hair nicely) but the bottom looks too loose! Your legs look nice, don’t be afraid to show them off! And isn’t Singapore really mostly/usually hot and humid? I wouldn’t want to suffer in the heat without being able to wear skirt/shorts (even if you only spend 15 minutes a day outside walking from con-aired building to building).

    • sesame says

      Yes, Singapore is very hot and humid! So if I were to wear a real mini skirt, I need some leggings to help me in the modesty front but considering the weather, it’s a horrible fashion choice.

  6. CT says

    I dont remember when was the last time I wore a mini skirt. My legs are filled with spider veins and stretch marks. Think only plastic surgeon could help me

  7. zhenling says

    that is not a mini! but its still cute. i think its okay to wear minis as long as you don’t look middle-aged. and you dont

    • sesame says

      Boo hoo hoo…this is still not short enough to be a mini skirt and I thought it’s very short for me already! No wonder my husband laughed at me again.

  8. says

    I think if the woman is confident and believe that she looks good enough to carry the look off, why not?

    In my opinion, I think that you’d look nice in a part of styled shorts. You’ve the figure to carry it off :-)

    • sesame says

      I’ve been contemplating on getting some new shorts…I’ll be more comfortable wearing them than the really short mini skirts.

  9. Ginger says

    I’m around your height, size & probably the same age range, & my hubby also thinks that I can still wear mini skirts. But I have my own reservations. Also, I don’t like checking whether my undies are showing now & then. I compromise by wearing above the knee skorts. Was lucky found a local blogger (M’sian) that has contact in US so I’ve been ordering skorts from Athleta (Gap)via her. They are either golf, tennis or running skorts but the printed ones are so pretty that you can wear them daily or even for special occasions. They are comfortable, versatile & the pulled on ones (elastic round waist) are so convenient that you can forgo a belt. They also have “discreet” pockets & most of all I’m assured that I won’t be “flashing” anything :) I usually just wear flats or flip flops with them. Btw that skirt you’re weraing looks really cute on you.

    • sesame says

      Oh I’ve seen those golfing skirts…very cute…but I think they’re too short for me. I really can’t bring myself to wear anything too short cos my thighs are not slim enough and I’ll probably be too conscious of them.

  10. Reese says

    I am not 30 yet and had forgotten about wearing mini skirts for some time until I found my sis denim mini skirt and I never felt so good, young and roaring to have fun(ok, that’s too much!), My other half also quite critical with my fashion choices as well, which almost limit me to polo tees,t-shirt, jeans, and office wear!!

    You look great in that skirt, I suggest you start wearing more lol!

    • sesame says

      I find short skirts make one look younger. I usually like dresses and skirts around knee length.

  11. elaine c says

    that’s not a mini skirt, that’s an above the knee skirt and you look adorable in it.

    I think if a woman has good legs, she should show them. Go for it!

    • sesame says

      Then I really am too old for a mini cos that length is about the shortest I can go for. But strangely, I would wear shorts out. I think they don’t make my thighs look so fat somewhat.

  12. N. says

    That’s not even close to be a mini. But, I think you look really nice and the length is still age appropriate.

  13. JacquiA says

    Cute! You seem to have some reservations about your legs but they look good to me! I would go with a more fitted top with that skirt tho’. Sadly, I am ‘meaty’ as mentioned by someone and I now prefer to wear A-Line skirts which are so forgiving of thunder thighs! I swear I sometimes see steam coming out from under my skirt when I walk a lot and my thighs rub against each other! Haha!

  14. claire_cemolina says

    if you have shorter legs mini’s look good. I have long legs so mini’s look too tiny on me!

    as for age it does not matter if you look after your looks and perhaps where skin colour stockings!

  15. claire_cemolina says

    that is not a mini skirt in the picture because its only a bit above the knee! its a nice, dressy skirt which looks classy!

  16. Crow says

    If you arent comfortable it will show in your movments and then it just doesnt look good. Not every look suits every body. Some things have their time and place. Seasons change.
    I think a woman looks best in the clothes she is really confident/comfortable in. Keep it real….

  17. Danny says

    I feel women that can wear mini-skirt or micro-skirt should wear them all the time. Now of you are over 70 + it may fit in your style now, that understandable. But my wife wear them an she in her 50’s. I enjoy women wearing mini-skirt. It brightest up the mens day!

  18. Henry says

    Well put Danny, my wife is 61 and because she can’t wear miniskirts to the office anymore as they told her she could not wear them anymore, she will wear them all the time she is off work just to be around the house or just to run errands she loves to wear her heels and stockings and if we go out togather she will switch into a micro mini and go out shopping,she looks wonderful and has great legs,she does not mind if other men look I encourage her to show off when ever possible


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