Are you a makeup junkie or not?

I was looking at my stash of makeup and I realized that I only bought about 30% of them; the rest coming mostly from companies for reviews and testing. And even of the 30%, most were foundations with a few lipsticks. I haven’t bought one single blush my entire life and when it comes to eye makeup, I think I have bought perhaps like five palettes in the past with a few odd ones from MAC. Bottom line is, makeup don’t interest me and to be honest, unless they’re an organic brand or their packaging is so darn cute, I usually don’t bother to take a second look these days. Another confession is, I hate going to the makeup counter because I’m intimidated by snooty counter staff with a full face of makeup complete with fluttering eyelashes.

Even as a teen and a young adult, I don’t remember spending a lot of time experimenting with makeup but perhaps it got worst over the years with plain laziness. I wish I can do without makeup at all but that’s pure wishful thinking on my part so on most days, I’ll leave home with just foundation, eyebrow filling and some or no lipstick. On rare days, I’ll try mascara. I started using eyeshadow again and some blush last year, in part to test new products, and in part being influenced by other beauty bloggers. But compared to them, my makeup knowledge and collection are paltry by beauty blogging standards. I keep telling myself to learn since there are tons of online makeup tutorials these days but the truth is, I’m just not keen.

I’m pretty sure I’m not alone here but I’m wondering, if we are the minorities. So ladies, come tell me and let me know…do you love makeup and would dash out to check the latest collections or are you easily bored by makeup like me? And I’m certainly keen to know, how many of you don’t even like to wear makeup at all!

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  1. says

    I do like makeup but am more a skincare junkie than anything else. I don’t normally jump on the latest makeup trends and tend to buy products that are more “classic” than fashionable.

    • sesame says

      Oh same here! I consider myself a skincare fanatic too! I love checking new products out, more so if they’re natural and organic. As for makeup, I have no idea about trends unless I’m told and I’ll always stick to safe colors although I do dream of trying to look like a rock chick sometimes! Haha…

  2. says

    I’m more into skincare because maintaining the canvass is more important :)

    I agree with the snobbish promoters at counters so I don’t dare to venture to Taka unless I’m with somebody or I’m about to get something.

    You haven’t bought 1 blush in your life? WHAT?!

    You can always give me yours lol

    • sesame says

      No, never bought a blush. I was afraid that wearing them would highlight my pigmentation problems more. It was only when I was sent one from Zuii that I started using cos it’s organic. And also cos someone said I need more color on my pale face.

      Okay, will send some your way in future… πŸ˜‰

  3. Audris says

    I don’t really like makeup except to look more professional for work or to open up my very small slit eyes (with mascara, eyeliner). Weekends, off days and overseas trips generally find me makeup free :)

    • sesame says

      Oh you raised a good point – I used to think that using makeup at work is a show of respect just like being well groomed.

  4. says

    Dear, if you think that way, it means you didn’t conceal your flaws properly. Otherwise you can mix in both Shisedo highlighter & blush together for a light brush on your cheeks :)

    • sesame says

      Yes, you’re right. I’m not very good even with concealing without coming across with a thick foundation. The makeup artist who did my face at Shiseido did a great job but what can I say about myself…a makeup noob!

  5. says

    I used to hate wearing make-up because it gave me acne and clogged pores until I discovered mineral make-up. But I feel very naked if I leave the house without drawing my eyebrows!

    • sesame says

      Thank goodness for mineral makeup! I had no issues with clogged pores but I love how natural it makes me look. As for eyebrows, I share your sentiment. Sometimes if my skin don’t act up, I can still leave home without foundation or loose powder but must have my eyebrows colored (I use a brush).

  6. says

    You don’t really need thick foundation, the one they gave us has a light coverage. But they gave me the wrong shade and I looked ORANGE! :(

    All you need is to get a good concealor then use loose powder to set it, followed by blush. I’m using Bourjois healthy mix concealor, just bought last week. Very good coverage and doesn’t turn greyish one bit.

    • sesame says

      I look a little dark with their foundation too…the shade they gave is right but I can’t use it with my tinted sunscreen.

      As for coverage…heheh…I don’t know. I guess it was in part my lousy makeup skills and using sponge back then. Now I use brush, the makeup looks better. Also, my skin tone is better as my pigmentation has reduced but my acne marks are still there. I’ll like to read your review of the Bourjois mix concealer (like that brand). Do you use concealer on your entire face? I only use spot concealing.

  7. stella says

    i used to be real big on makeup, maintaining entire color spectrums in ranges i like but i’ve since pared down to bare basics since i started busier at work/school. i’m now more of a skincare junkie, altho’ i do tend to stick to what works for me rather than jump on every bandwagon that comes along. i love makeup, but just no time for the entire works in the morning (just base, blush, eyebrows), prefer to sleep! :p

    • sesame says

      I guess time is quite an issue with doing the whole works. It’s usually rush rush for most of us in the mornings so tough to put on everything.

      • stella says

        just got to add that if you’ve dehydrated combi but non-sensitive skin like me, base makeup (i use non-mineral foundation+loose powder) actually helps shield skin against environmental stresses – whenever i spend more than half a day outside/at work, i must have base makeup on or my face will turn greasy and gray (especially if i have no foundation on)… in contrast, it’s in much better shape at the end of the day even after makeup removal if i have the whole base makeup works on. i do take care to always have a sunscreen and some sort of serum/light moisturizer on before base makeup tho’

        • sesame says

          That’s a good point to share! I agree because I find that my skin feels better with foundation more so than when I do not use. Some days when I don’t use the foundation, my cheeks feel dry.

  8. nicole says

    For me, if its’ possible not to put makeup i will be damn happy, my pocket and wallet + my face will thank me! But i cant afford to go out without foundation & blush/highlighter (they are the max mu i put on) cos my face is too uneven in tone. Also wanna look presentable at work or play.

    Im the lazy kind, i cannot be bother to put on eye mu, draw eyebrow, mascara, lipstick or fake lashes. At the same time puting more chemical on face means more facial problems. If only we have skins tt we can go out without putting on makeup…

    • sesame says

      Okay, I’m with you there. I fully understand uneven skin tone cos I have that issue. So somedays I use a purple makeup base which helps with that problem. I also agree…I’m afraid of putting too much makeup which might aggravate my acne now. In fact, I used to think that applying blush will cause me to have more pigmentation. Seems that I wasn’t that far wrong.

  9. says

    Yup, a review is coming up :) I might get the liquid foundation from the same range later.

    Concealor on the entire face? *Cringe* Only on problem areas (area around the nose, mouth, dark circles and acne marks)

    The key is buffing.

    • sesame says

      Maybe I remember wrongly but I thought the makeup artist at Shiseido sort of concealed my entire face with some powder…so I was wondering if that worked better.

      Okay, will keep a lookout for your review and tips. :)

  10. says

    I think you’re referring to the foundation they gave us. The coverage…well I’ve only used once so I can’t comment further.

    I’m using the Lancome Maquicake UV Infinite and I like it! Might get the full size when I’m done…I don’t know, still waiting for their care package.

  11. says

    As much as I love makeup and its visage-changing qualities, I’m often happy to go bare-faced (+ sunscreen). =) And it’s true – good skin is more important than great makeup.

      • says

        Not really true (though thank you for saying so~!) – my skin is showing my age – lines, open pores and everything else are showing through. Doesn’t help that I’m not diligent where skincare routines are concerned. πŸ˜›

        Some sunscreens are good for evening out skintone! πŸ˜‰

        • sesame says

          You’re right. I noticed the difference when I use my normal sunscreen and the tinted one. I think both helps to even out my skin tone but the tinted one can make some of my foundation look a lot darker.

          * Still think you got great skin. :)

  12. Sparklewolfie says

    I do not wear makeup!! Sometimes I will wear it for fun or for an event, but I do not buy makeup at all! I am 19 and I finally bought a makeup brush set (the ecotools set) and one pair of false lashes ^u^
    Of course, I had makeup for dance performances, but they were given by family friends who worked for beauty stores. And now I work for a beauty store (Duty Free) so I just get testers XD I do not buy any makeup at all!

    • sesame says

      Oh lucky girl! I love buying makeup brushes too but have not bought false lashes. I hate those and I remember secretly tearing them off after the makeup artist left.

  13. says

    I like mekap. But I’m not so crazy about them that I’d spend hundreds of dollars at one go and collecting them because I realise that its impossible to use them all up and if you keep them in the drawer too long, eventually it’ll expire.

    I’m just limiting to colours that look good on me. And of course, skin care is important too :-)

  14. says

    i’m not a make-up junkie… i only used bb cream, blush, powder, eyeliner and lip balm/gloss to work… but i’m starting to like make-ups due to a lot of FOTD made by bloggers out there… but i don’t yet see myself in splurging on make-ups… well i hope not! hehehe… i’m more of a skincare junkie πŸ˜‰

    • sesame says

      Haha…yes the FOTDs! I enjoy looking at them too and often wish to achieve the same looks but would never do anything to try…

  15. nora says

    I do like make up. Used to apply eyeshadow, lipstick, mascara, foundation & blusher.
    Now I just skip the eyeshadow but still likes the rest of the makeup on my face.
    I need to use blusher & lipstick if not my face is dead pale. Skincare is an essential ritual, so does putting on colours on my face.

  16. raelynn says

    im more of a skincare fanatic than makeup junkie… i think it’s something that comes with age, u realise that you wont really wanna pile your face up with lots and lots of things. these days i’m trying out LRP’s uvidea sunblock that has a tint, i go out with just that and loose powder and my eyebrows drawn. but i do get the feedback that i should put more blusher or i’ll look too pale and sickly. i never quite saw the lure of MAC, shu uemura false eyelashes (i’m more CD and bobbibrown, but i havent bought anything for a really long time aside from the lipstick from CD), and i never quite saw the need to get every eyecolour in the spectrum (you know those palettes with 88 colours?). my current blusher is a trio comprising of a repressed christian dior, and 2 samples from EDM. eyecolours are 2 brown trios (i cant resist neutrals), one repressed pink trio (never got to use them, im more purple than pink), a EDM purple duo. and that’s about it…. oh oh, one EDM brow colour which acts as my eyeliner too and a beige highlighter. and they’ll probably take an eternity to finish them. but i admit i’m tempted to add blues and greens just to see how they’ll work on me.

    • sesame says

      The temptations are always there…a matter of right brain fighting the left brain I believe…but I agree – get those colors that suit you and maybe try new ones sometime but 88 colors are probably for those who like to try different colors all the time.

      And speaking of the brands, I’ve never bought one single item from Bobbi Brown or Shu Uemura.

  17. says

    Actually I don’t like to wear makeup. But I just find it really fun drawing. I always feel I was born to draw. I’ve always wanted to be an interior designer, jewelery designer, or just some sort of designer, with the freedom to create something. I like colours and drawing.

    Makeup does takes a toll on the face, especially with my sensitive skin. Using even things like MUJI Sensitive Cleansing oil everyday is starting to leave bumps on my face, and I see pimples popping out. Of which, I suspect is bad cleansing from MUJI. Doesn’t happens with Laneige.

    Make up is a love-hate relationship for me, given that majority of my friends really love me without makeup, and would tell me not to do it the next time. A handful ask for light makeup. But nobody has ever said I should have huge eyelined eyes, falsies, and redder cheeks.


    • sesame says

      I guess something in the middle might work for you – not too heavy except for certain occasions?

      As for Muji Cleansing Oil, I did read someone who used heavy makeup stating that it doesn’t cleanse her eye makeup well so probably it’s too mild to cleanse thoroughly. You double cleanse with another foaming cleanser?

      I like designing too but I’m just not good with my face.

  18. says

    I love skincare too. But the thing about skincare is that I use them so slowly, I’d probably only finish 1 bottle of each thing within 12 months. So I wouldn’t go out and buy too many, although I may like something and want to try it.

    Comparatively, clothes, shoes, bag, accessories, makeup, can be opened to use immediately. That’s why.

    • sesame says

      Yes skincare products take a long time. But I’m bad with body care and even hair care products…I’ll just buy if I see something I fancy so I have lots of them at home all pretty new and not much used. I am more conservative with face care products these days but will still venture to find new sunscreens due to my obsession.

  19. says

    I guess I only draw the line when it comes to buying for packaging. It’s a real nonono. Not even Hello Kitty can tempt me, because those things can’t be recycled and reuse.

    And colours that don’t suit me. Have learned not to touch those no matter how much I like that particular pink or blue. Liking is one thing, whether it goes well on me is another.

  20. Liesl says

    I’m more of a makeup junkie than skincare. For skincare, I am not as adventurous these days as my skin has turned sensitive these couple of years. After several trial and errors, am lucky to find that organic pharmacy range, sophyto and 100% pure agree with my skin and they truly work for me. So these days I save my money and time to look at other skincare products. It’s strange but counter brands skincare breaks me out but not makeup.

    • sesame says

      Your skincare selection sounds good! While I’m quite a skincare fanatic but I have to agree with you, stick to what works for your skin although…there’s still that right brain tempting occasionally.

  21. says

    Yes, I am! And I have been buying most of my makeup….too many in fact, and it has become like an addiction. And yes, I do run out to check on the latest collections, even to the point of bugging the SAs on when the latest collections which I have seen online will arrive….and that brand is none other than MAC! Of course, if other brands have really gorgeous and to-die-for collections, I would do the same! πŸ˜€

    I am a makeup maniac, makeup fanatic! Call me whatever you want. πŸ˜‰

    • sesame says

      Haha…yes I noticed you love makeup! It’s good. I think women needs some indulgence here and there and if it’s makeup, so be it as long as it makes you happy. :)

  22. pf1123 says

    I use makeup almost everyday. I think its therapeutic….the whole ritual of preparing for work. Makes me compose myself. Then I feel more confident going to work.

    • sesame says

      I like your line of thought – therapeutic. I think that helps to motivate one to look forward to the day with a more positive attitude too!

  23. says

    I started using makeup when I was 28. What made me start using in the first place was youtube makeup gurus. After a brief relation with the makeup fads my skin became bad. Lots of white heads started to spread all over my face. Prior to that my face was ok. That’s the only time I realize that I should be investing in skin care instead of makeups. But later decided that I should strike some balance between the two. If not what else would I do with the tons of makeup I’ve bought before!

    • sesame says

      It’s true…you need a balance. If you care for your skin well, using makeup won’t be so much of an issue. Invest in good skin care and when your skin is good, you can afford to play with the makeup.

  24. stephy says

    haa! you’re not alone! im more of a skincare junkie as well.

    i always though make up will worsen skin condition even when removed throughly, since you may be leavin them on our faces for long hours!

    moreover, whenever i apply my ettusais foundation, pple dont realise it and told me that if its nt visible why put it. well, this can means it looks natural on my face then haa!=p

    sometimes i do wish packaging for skincare can be as pretty as make up’s.

    • sesame says

      Hey, that’s what I think too – that leaving makeup on for long hours on our face might clog our pores in the long run. I think it’s due to a mental conditioning from my mom but I’ve since learn that if the makeup ingredients are okay, just make sure you cleanse your face properly. And on most days, just use light makeup.

  25. says

    Yessss!!!! Another skin care junkie here… Me too believe that looking flawless by nature is better. However, even though i take good care of my skin, i still have breakouts. :(

    I also like make-up coz it’s so colooorrrrful and pretty, and more often than not it helps ladies to feel more confidence and enhance their beauty. I guess for me it would be like what violet said, strike a balance between those two. :)

    • sesame says

      I was told that breakouts are normal. If it’s not recurring, then don’t worry too much about it. Women especially tend to get some during PMS.

      Looking at some of the comments, I’ll say wearing makeup to look good is like dressing up too! :)

  26. zhenling says

    i have almost a full arsenal of make up. but i rarely use them. i think its because i’m still looking around for my holy grail foundation etc etc

    not buying makeup at the moment cos i’m saving up for laser hoho

  27. says

    No! Although I want to try the Lash Blast, lately I’ve been “hypnotized” by commercial ads. I want to try every skincare and beauty product out there!

    • sesame says

      Every beauty product? Wow! But I don’t fault you cos I think it’s pretty normal…heheh. However, having said that, do be careful with what you use too cos I remember you mentioned you’re acne prone.

  28. N. says

    I’m a complete makeup junkie. Everyday my
    makeup is concealer, foundation, blush, powder, a bit of bronzer [I’m so pale]…
    And when I go out I always use a nice combination of eyeshadow, lipstick, mascara, pencil…

    <3 I love makeup.

    • sesame says

      You are? That’s good as long as it makes you feel good…I wish I am a bit more interested to doll up than to always come up with the excuse that I don’t know. But ya, I don’t even know how to draw eyeliner properly.

  29. Ana says

    I’m definitely not a makeup junkie. I
    don’t give a damn about MAC, Make Up
    Forever or high end brands like Dior or
    Chanel…I don’t care about make up in general anyway.
    I’m more a skincare junkie.

    But I do have make up basics like mascara, concealer, blush…But I only use them on spΓ©cial occasions, since I don’t like wearing make up lol AM-I-NORMAL-DOCTOR??? ;D

    • sesame says

      You are normal! But going by the comments, probably rare… Like I said to some, do what makes you feel good about yourself. If you don’t like makeup, nothing wrong with that. I like to look at pictures of women in makeup but I feel tired doing the whole works myself. Plus, I feel it’s just not me.

  30. fwy says

    I do love using makeup but not to the extent of collecting them even if the packaging is limited edition or exclusive. Right now, I only own a cream blusher, a compact foundation & a loose powder. I got ride of my eyeshadows due to eyelid infection six months ago.

    • sesame says

      No collection for me either. Pretty to ogle at but I’ll rather spend my money elsewhere.

  31. stiffedneck says

    I use loose powder because my face gets really shiny after an hour or two, next thing I have to use is the blush/bronzer to brighten up and make me look healthy. Eye-browse filling and curler the lashes are optional if I have time. The rest (eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and lipsticks) are only for parties/hanging out.

    • sesame says

      Sounds like my kind of makeup. :) Yup, like you, my face does get shiny after a few hours although some sunscreen seems to keep them under control. But I need powder cos of my blemishes.

  32. zzzmadison says

    i only put on makeup when i’m attending wedding dinners haha.. wearing specs definitely put me off makeup, cuz i think the focus is on the eyes!

    so it’s just concealer+eyebrows for me everyday =D

    • sesame says

      Ah…I understand about the specs cos I sometimes use them if I’m really lazy to apply any makeup. To me, no need for any makeup that way. πŸ˜›

  33. chenyze says

    Heh I only learnt like a month ago how to do sorta decent makeup on myself. Before that it was just random half-baked attempts. I guess I do look better when I put on some light makeup but I am so so scared that it will impede my skin’s improvement. I want my pores to be smaller and have less oily skin yada yada – slathering on makeup is gonna inhibit repair!

    I actually decided that eyeliner is pretty useful but I don’t want wrinkles either! The tugging to apply, and the tugging again when two rounds of makeup cleanser don’t take down everything. *eeps*

    I’m considering putting on bb cream but I’m worried it’ll still slow down skin repair. *sigh*

    I want my skin to be good enough to go makeup less! I guess that’s a far off dream heh.

    • sesame says

      You’re still young so it’s not an impossible dream you know… As for applying eyeliner, just be gentle and avoid tugging so much and it should not cause too much damage.

  34. Amarise says

    I find that having a base of good skincare products make for a face that needs less makeup to conceal. Also most of the makeup I use is in a way like skincare by their ingredients.

  35. miyo says

    me me me … shared exactly the same sentiments!!
    hahaahah.. i don’t usually makeup unless special events or etc..
    i am scared to go to beauty counter because of their snoobish appearance…

    but i do like to purchase few of those oorganic makeup there u have recommended over the years.. like edm, etc etc

    • sesame says

      You share my sentiments about the beauty counters too? That’s why I rather not go unless I have to.

  36. QQ says

    I don’t really like using makeup either! Skincare all the way for me! However sometimes I wonder if putting makeup on will “protect” my skin from the elements? If I put makeup at all, I only use makeup base, foundation and blusher (from Shu Uemura). It’s very light makeup, and sometimes my boyfriend can’t tell if I’m wearing any or not. If I put on so little makeup that no one can tell, should I be putting more, or none at all?

    • sesame says

      I’ll say use a bit more on special days but otherwise keep to your routine. If it looks natural, it’s good. I use foundation and sometimes pple think I don’t use any too.

  37. estranghenya says

    I’m definitely not a make-up junkie but I think I’m addicted to skincare products. LOL. Whenever I see a new skin care brand, I can’t resist the urge to check it out especially if it’s organic. Yesterday, I bought an organic hyaluronic acid serum at $85. I would never spend that much on one make-up product. But When it comes to skin care products, I don’t feel the sting as much because I tend to look at it as a longterm investment. Currently, I only have 3 items in my make-up kit: my concealer from Body Shop (which is actually a foundation but I use it only around my eyes due to my dark circles), my cheek tint and my eyebrow pencil. I only apply foundation probably once or twice a year!

    • sesame says

      I agree with you…I would splurge on skin care but not on makeup. Cannot justify to myself.

  38. says

    Lately I come to think we all get so caught up in makeup trends and thinking that makeup has to be full-fledged, including primer, foundation, setting powder, hightlighter, blush, eyeshadow base, eye-shadow, mascara and liner.. I don’t think it’s right, and so many women feel bad about not owning things, when they don’t really need that “stuff”.

    • sesame says

      It’s true…with all the messages out there, many ladies are pressured/enticed to want to own more than they need. It’s a new culture I guess…

  39. Miss Vinny says

    Haha, I stopped wearing makeup years ago after they really damaged my skin badly.

    In fact, my skin is pretty bad but it’s now improved somewhat after a decent diet of good fruits and veggies. =P

    I’d rather spend my money on improving my health than blowing it on makeup(which usually makes my skin worse). Too bad organic makeup is kinda expensive but oh well. πŸ˜› Has using organic makeup improved your skin any further?

    Btw, Zuii lipstick contains carmine which has been linked to allergies in food. Hmmm… wonder about its safety in lipstick.

        • sesame says

          No, not that. Just that I have a lot of choices and organic makeup is expensive. So I tend to toggle between organic and non-organic, depending on what catch my fancy.


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