Multi-purpose versatile magic scarf & shawl

I spotted a few mobile carts selling magic scarves that can be worn in various ways – like this MorMor scarf from Action City. It’s furry and incredibly soft to the touch but I was particularly captivated by the versatility of this accessory as its ultra-stretchy fabric makes it possible to be worn as anything; as a simple scarf, a muffler, a hoodie, a shawl and even a halter top or strapless top. I bet it can be worn as a skirt too!

The MorMor scarf cost around $35 or so. I would concede it’s a great fashion item to carry around as it’s very lightweight! Definitely great for traveling although I have no idea if it can keep one warm like Pashmina scarves can. Actually, I almost wanted to get it because it’s so soft and looks kind of fun but I thought I’ll give myself sometime to decide as I don’t want it to end up as just being a novel item in my wardrobe.

Have you seen these versatile scarves around or do you own one of these? Would you wear them in any other way besides a scarf or a shawl?

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  1. says

    I wish they would stop using the word “Magic.” So misleading! I can do this with every scarf anyway, why buy another one?

    I do like the fluffy texture, but $35 for something I won’t even wear very often is kinda steep.

    • sesame says

      It’s a marketing gimmick but the scarf is stretchable unlike the normal ones so yeah, I can accept the word that is used. I agree that the price is steep…I know I will hardly wear and definitely won’t use it as a top or skirt.

  2. babybunii says

    I saw this in action city too,
    previously i brought a Multi-purpose Magic Scarf similar to this from a sales promoter outside Cold Storage. The one I brought is invented in japan and the fabric got alot of diff patterns to choose from.
    And is much cheaper and thinner than this furry one..
    Mine actually come with picture of diff styles to wear it..But i hardly wear it.. haha
    sometimes lazy to try out the other ways to use it..~

    • sesame says

      I wonder if those at the mobile carts are cheaper. I didn’t check out. Does it keep you warm?

  3. stella says

    i’m totally not getting this; can’t you do many of the permutations with any other longer scarf or shawl as well? it does look very useful and cozy for the crazy cold air conditioning we have in singapore, but honestly, i think one would look rather stupid wearing a furry-looking top or neck scarf in singapore, even in air conditioning…i’d say you probably already have a scarf that you can use in similar ways in your wardrobe, now all you need is that hermes scarf tying guide :p

    • sesame says

      I think it’s the fun and novel element. Compared to the normal scarves, this one has an interesting material and it’s so stretchable. The normal scarves are a little boring…

      But you have a point…it’s kind of strange wearing a furry top. But I’ve seen some girls wearing these like a cardigan and it’s quite nice. Like I say, up the fun factor…but maybe not so feasible. Probably something I’ll use once and then dump it at a corner.

  4. hippo says

    Not sure I want to wear this but it looks like a fun accessory to play with and to kill time. LOL.

  5. nadiah says

    Don’t like scarves very much but this is more quirky than the conventional ones. Rather interesting.

  6. CT says

    i saw this before, it looks fun but then i wont wear it. it look so not right to wear that in our humid weather.

    • sesame says

      Ley chey…Hahaha…I know what you mean. It’s creative but not so feasible for those who like to “wear and go”.

  7. Liesl says

    It looks fun but too furry to be wore anywhere.The cute element is so there. I’ll probably only use it only at home if I do own one. Don’t want anyone to associate me with a soft toy. Ha.

  8. Audris says

    Not into furry, nubbly things, so will pass. Although I might consider if they make a better fabric out of it.

    • sesame says

      It’ll be interesting if they remove the fur but still retain it as an ultra-stretchy piece.

  9. Angel says

    I’ve seen similar things like that in the US. They only cost about $10 here.

    I think it’s fun and cute, but not for $35…

    • sesame says

      Yeah, it’s expensive. I took one look and put it right back. So did another lady when I told her the price.

  10. says

    I remember these scarves from around 6+ years ago – they were very popular! I have a pink/white one, but I did not every use it this many ways!! I will have to pull it out again to try….

    • sesame says

      I’ve seen this for awhile here but did not take notice of it until now cos of this video they were playing at the shop.

  11. says

    I don’t think I’d wear this out, but it looks like something I would play with when I have nothing to do, haha.

    • sesame says

      Action City is a toy shop here…I think that’s the whole idea – a fashion accessory to play with. Haha…

  12. Maggi says

    Wow that’s lovely, I’d love to try it….. but guess it’s not worth that high price imho.

  13. kt says

    Hahaha, these were soo popular in the US like 6 years ago. I remember having like 4 of them. They were sold in little kiosks at the mall for like 7 dollars.

  14. Jasmine says

    If it was made from another material and not furry I’d consider it since I travel to a temperate country for most part of the year … but unfortunately the furry texture just screams ATTRACTS DUST to me.

  15. says

    I saw these at gift fairs here in HNL in December. The lowest price for them was $12. I might buy one for a friend who lives in a colder area, but don’t need one myself.

  16. MissQ says

    Looks kind of scary to me though… especially when you can stretch it into all kinds of shape… like some animal furskin!

  17. Yuen Ling says

    It’s winter now.. I saw pretty lot of shops in Melbourne selling this too.. with different type of quality as well.. and quite a number of people are wearing it.I feel like getting this.. Thanks for the video.. Now I knew more way of wearing it..

    • sesame says

      Oh it’s also in Melbourne. But wearing in winter won’t look so strange as compared to wearing it here, where we have hot weather all year round!

  18. Angel says

    I recently bought two pieces of such scarves from a seller in “Gmarket” who sold the scarves at a special price of $15.90 per piece. The price I paid was so much cheaper than those sold in the carts @$29.90 and at Action city @30plus. There is a difference in their material though. The one I bought is not so fluffy and flurry that it makes u look like a toy. I actually tried the various ways suggested in the seller minishop and it works. The overall look is not so exaggerated and really very suitable for air-con environment, like in the shopping centers and cinema. It is lightweight and can carry around easily. I like it when wore over my shoulders, without the ends falling all over like a normal shawl while doing my favorite pastime – SHOPPING! Check out the scarves @ for “ALL-in-one magic scarf” and you will not regret buying one since the seller was selling it at a special price @$15.90 with free delivery.

  19. Riani says

    Out of curiosity, do you stumble upon versatile dress as well in Singapore? Just another ‘versatile fashion’ series…

  20. Vivian says

    Anyone knows where I can buy the Mor Mor Magic Shawl online? cos I dont live in Singapore but wish to buy it and get it shipped to my present location!


  21. MissyHelen says

    Pretty cool item, I can’t beleive I just found out about these cool scarfs today. Planning to get the magic scarf soon. Thanks for sharing the video clip with us.

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