Hair pampering at Phyto Hair Spa in Wheelock

Some of you would have read of how I used to suffer from a lower self-esteem because of the state of my hair. So hair treatments are not new to me but this is the first time I visited a hair spa. While I’m familiar with Phyto for their retail products, I have no idea that they also offer specialized and exclusive hair treatment services over at Phyto Hair Spa by Revamp in Wheelock. In fact, I later learnt that this is the first exclusive Phyto hair spa in Asia.

I guess the reason for the lack of awareness is also because I haven’t been actively searching for hair treatment services these recent years. So thanks to a complimentary session arranged for bloggers, I had the opportunity to experience Phyto’s 100% botanical healing scalp session last Friday. I was expecting the session to be good since I already like some of Phyto’s shampoos such as their Phytocedrat and Phytocyane (click for my reviews), but what I wasn’t expecting was that I found new meanings in the words “hair spa”.

Pre-treatment analysis
Before the hair treatment began, I was ushered to a private consultation room where the condition of my scalp and hair were analyzed via an advanced computerized analysis system. The consultant whom I met wasn’t a tricologist, but she was able to explain the condition of my scalp by diagnosing my hair follicle condition before recommending a suitable hair therapy for my hair problem. One thing I have to mention is that she was very tactful throughout the consultation and was careful not to cause me any embarrassment. In fact, she was objective throughout the analysis and not once did she mention that I have very little hair.

Enclosed treatment area
Actually, when I first stepped into Phyto Hair Spa, it looked like a normal hair salon to me. However, besides the private consultation room, the hair treatments were all conducted within an enclosed treatment spa area, which comes with six hair spa couches. Yes, that’s the picture you see below but in reality, the room is dimmed and so there is quite a bit of privacy for the customers. Each station has its own personalized entertainment set and individual reading light. And unlike the usual hair salons that we visit, this one comes with lockers and I was able to enjoy my treatment without worrying about my bag especially when I stepped out of the room for the shampooing and styling.

The 7-step treatment process
The treatment I received was for oily scalp. It was a 1 hour 45 minute session and the process involved:
1. A pre-shampoo treatment to purify, rebalance and tone the scalp.
2. Another treatment to re-build plus deeply nourish and treat the scalp.
3. An oxygen therapy to open up pores on the scalp for deep cleansing.
4. A 20-min rejuvenating upper body massage to promote circulation.
5. A rinse off with botanical shampooing massage techniques.
6. Applying an oil control serum to the scalp.
7. Blow dry and hair styling.

Products used during the hair treatment were all from Phyto – serums with botanical ingredients as well as the shampoo and conditioner.

Treatment attendant
I had Wing who attended to me during the entire session. She was very pleasant and provided adequate explanation for each treatment process. I like her massage techniques as she was able to make me feel extremely relax and comfortable. More importantly, just like the consultant, Wing did not embarrass me by pointing out the condition of my hair.

Result of treatment
I went away the session feeling like some weight had been removed from my head. One session was probably insufficient to improve the condition of my scalp completely. Although my scalp seemed less oily the next day, I still had to wash my hair. But at least, it behaved well for the next few days after the session.

Price and venue
The treatment I received was titled the “Get Down To The Root” and it cost S$188 for the 1hr 45 min session. There is also a 2 hours session that cost S$208 and the additional 15 minutes is for an added infra-red treatment. Besides treatment for oily scalp, Phyto also offers treatments for sensitive scalp, dry scalp, hair loss as well as others like anti-aging. Packages are also available for those interested and more information are available at their website. The hair spa I visited was at Wheelock Place #05-08A but you can also find them at Ngee Ann City #05-26.

Overall summary
While it’s called a hair spa, I really wasn’t expecting the level of pampering that came with the treatment. Unlike the usual hair treatment places I’ve visited, this one offers massage not just on the head, but on the shoulder, the back and even the hands. It was a good 15 to 20 minutes of massage! On top of it, the spa couch I sat on was really an Oto massage chair and so I was able to enjoy even more back massages during the entire session. Of course I enjoyed myself!

One of the things I noticed about the spa is that some of their staff do not speak English that fluently. However, they tried their best to be clear and did not use another language to communicate with me. That was definitely a plus. But more importantly, they overcompensated by their excellent level of service throughout the treatment session by ensuring I was comfortable at all times. And the level of service extended to me as a blogger seemed consistent with the other customers who were also receiving their treatments in the room. So yes, I’ll be happy going back for another round of treatment definitely – when I have more spare cash to pamper myself!

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  1. Raelynn says

    i sometimes feel mildly disturbed/annoyed that when it is clear that i have a good command of Mandarin, the chinese service staff tend to lapse straight into serving me in mandarin, even if i will pop in questions in english. but i dont mind most of the time, because it helps to make sure that my conversational mandarin doesnt slip. lol.

    • sesame says

      I know what you’re saying. Personally I don’t mind but because this is quite upmarket, I think the image is important so I’m glad the staff did their best to upkeep the image.

  2. says

    wow….that is awesome coz whenever I go for a simple hair cut, I always have to listen to people saying you have less hair…it feels so annoying more than embarrassing..

    • sesame says

      Yes, so so annoying and worse, when they actually wag their finger at your scalp and say that. 😡

  3. says

    I had read about the hairspa in a magazine when it was newly launched, but there wasn’t sufficient reviews for me to go try their services. The place look very posh, and a massage chair while undergoing treatment. Woots!

    I have been using Phyto products for a good 6 months now, but the hydrating lotions seem to have lost its effect on my hair :(

    • sesame says

      Very nice place…I really like that they have treatments in the room. Actually I forgot to wrote that I found it strange initially that there were no mirrors in the room, like a normal salon but after awhile, I thought it was a good idea. I became less conscious and also, no mirrors means more privacy for all.

  4. alixana says

    I’ve been to Phyto Hair Spa several times – always love their treatments! So relaxing – it really deserves the word ‘spa’. I really enjoy their massages. Don’t care much for the DVD players though, ‘coz you can’t finish watching an entire movie in that span of time.

    I’ve had Wing attend to me a couple of times, and yes, she’s good :)

    This post reminds me to call them up to fix an appointment soon…

    • sesame says

      Oh you lucky gal! And you had Wing attended to you too? She’s really good. I was warned in advance that her English isn’t good because she’s more comfortable speaking in Mandarin but turned out, she was fine. She didn’t even attempted to speak one word of Mandarin to me.

      I also didn’t care for the DVD player…I just enjoyed the massage couch and Wing’s massages. :)

  5. mel says

    haha what a timely post!

    I have been visitng this spa for a couple of years and have a normal salon package where I sit in the outside area (which resembles a normal salon). it’s a great alternative for folks like me who are more price sensitive. The salon packages do not include any massage but the actual scalp treatments are the same, as far as I understand.

    I must say their treatmetns have helped with my hair loss problems. I go nowadays for maintenance.

    • sesame says

      Oh they have the normal package? I wasn’t aware. If it’s cheaper, it’s definitely a good deal cos I don’t mind sitting outside too. It’s of course more cosy in the room but I don’t see a problem of sitting outside.

      • mel says

        Yeah they do. It is definately cheaper and they have tons of magazines to keep you occupied. In any case, you have to go out of the spa area for shampooing and the blow dry at the end.

  6. says

    Did u note what products they used on you so u could buy them instead of having to go for the spa?

    E.g. have u tried the Phytocyane ampoule serums… i heard good reviews but some said it contains alcohol so unsure if it’ll dry out your scalp. Any thoughts on thiS?

    • sesame says

      I didn’t really take note of all the products but I think some of those are available in the market. You just need to look for those suitable for your hair condition.

      Never tried the ampoule but yes, alcohol will dry scalp up after awhile… but may not be so bad if you use the serum like once a week. I tried using brandy directly on my scalp some years back and it was okay.

  7. Daisy says

    Hi! Sounds like a relaxing hair spa session you had there :)
    Regarding oily scalp, I’ve found that the more often you shampoo your hair, then the more oily it becomes. Back then I used to wash my hair every day as it got oily so quickly. But afterwards I heard that washing your hair too often isn’t good for your scalp (I have a friend who shampoos her hair in the morning and afternoon and she complains of her scalp being super oily! No wonder!).

    So I did what a lot of people have done: if you normally wash your hair every day, try doing it every 2 days, then after one or two weeks try doing it every 3 days, and then extending it to every 4 days if you want. Basically the longer days non-shampooing, the less oily your scalp will become. Yes your scalp will be so oily the first day after not washing your hair, but it kind of trains your scalp to not produce so much oil anymore. Now I wash my hair every 3 or 4 days, and my scalp doesnt get oily until the 3rd day of not shampooing :)

    • Sesame says

      I know what you’re saying but I really can’t stretch it out. My hair gets horribly oily by day 2!

  8. Germaine says

    I visited Phyto Hair Spa@Wheelock Place on 5th Jun evening. Although the whole treatment was okay and the therapist who did my hair was nice, I am very disappointed with the consultant.

    Initially I wanted to do the “Get Down To The Root” treatment because I thought that treatment suits me the most. It was my first time and when i got there, same as what you mentioned above, I was being led to a private consultation room to get my scalp analyzed. But the door was not closed. After she showed me the condition of my hair follicles via the advanced computerized analysis system, she told me that I should do their new treatment titled “Detox Energizing Scalp Treatment” because I have to detox my scalp first before I do the “Get Down To The Root” treatment. Okay, I accepted her suggestion. It costs $248 per session for salon treatment (with no massage) & $288 for spa treatment. But I got 40% discount because it was my first trial. So I chose the salon treatment. I paid $159.22(inclusive of GST). Before I start my first treatment, she already suggested to me to sign up for a package which consist of 4 sessions of “Detox Energizing Scalp Treatment” and 6 sessions of “”Get Down To The Root” treatment. So altogether is 10 sessions. Because it’s Great Singapore Sales now, I can get 50% discount for the package if I sign up. And I need to go once a week if I want to see improvements in my scalp condition! She also told me that 10 sessions is the minimum per package. I told her that I need to think it over, she said okay. Then I proceeded to have my hair treatment done. After the whole treatment, she attended to me again. She analyzed my scalp and again talked about the package which she had mentioned to me earlier. Well, she wasn’t pushy but I felt that she wasn’t as friendly as before when I told her that I need to think about it.

    Later that night, I kept thinking about whether I should sign up the package or not. There are few issues I need to consider seriously, firstly the cost of the package is still very expensive, even after the 50% discount & secondly, how do I know whether the treatments suit me or not. The next day, 6th Jun, I browsed through their website again and I realized that I have missed something out earlier.

    They actually have another GSS promotion package which consists of 5 sessions of “Detox Energizing Scalp Treatment” that cost $288 only!
    I called up the Ngee Ann City branch to have a better understanding of the promotion before I jumped into conclusion. The guy told me that the promotion package is on. At that moment even till now, I felt like I am being cheated by that consultant in Wheelock Place branch. In my point of view, she should at least let me try out the 5 sessions of the new detox treatment package first to see if my scalp condition has improve after the treatments before asking me to sign up for those much expensive ones! I still remember she told me I can sign up for minimum 10 sessions only per package. She didn’t mentioned about the 5 sessions detox package promotion at all!

    I complained to the guy at Ngee Ann City branch about this matter. He asked me for my number and told me that he will check with that consultant about the whole issue and he will call me back. Till now, I am still waiting for their call but I do have a feeling that they will not get back to me at all. I think they don’t even bother to. If they still don’t call me by the end of this week, I don’t think I will go back to Phyto Hair Spa anymore. To me, that consultant is a dishonest person.

    • Sesame says

      I’m sorry to learn about your experience. If the consultant hid information just to upsell, that’s very unethical. I’ll be surprised if they really don’t get back to you…I’m mean that’s like missing out a potential customer isn’t it? And that’s not wise. It’s a good thing you did not commit immediately; if you had and you found out about the package of 5, you would have been more annoyed.

    • slee says

      hi Germaine
      I hope you can let me know the name of Wheelock consultant and her offering price ..
      Felt cheated too …

  9. Quek C H says

    Bought a plus big deal for a hair spa at Choeur Salon at Raffles Hotel. Felt cheated cos this salon only designate one stylist (bet must be a junior one) to handle all the deals so as a result had so much problem fixing appointment until have to give up close to the expiry date. Furthermore when tried to talk to them they were v v rude and slammed down the phone on me. I bought the deal and had intended to sign a full package for myself and my sister thinking that it would be a genuine trial offer since they are located at Raffles Hotel. How wrong was I!! Will stay away from this salon unless they change to a name later and I am not aware its same management. V disappointed – will not trust even if location is at some prestigeous hotel.

    • Sesame says

      Sorry about your experience. Sometimes such deals are well, too good to be true. But if I understand your comment correctly, the deal was not from Phyto Hair Spa right?

  10. Zerlyn says

    Hi, found your blog by chance, an I’m glad that you like the Phyto Hair spa. I have only been there twice, in between the visits to Singapore, and I have always enjoy their service. The first time, I had my friend to go with me, so that we can take advantage of a Friend’s deal, back in ’09. We knew that they will try to push the packages, but we were able to reject it, as I was leaving SG in a few days, and my friend said she need time to think about it, knowing full well that she will not. What I didn’t expect is couple months later, when I returned for a visit, that she sign up for the package, for her and her husband. :) It was nice, as the treatment was working for the both of them. I will visit them when I drop by SG in the future.

    Reading about other post on Phyto, I suggest you alternate between the Phyto shampoos. Phytocedrat is drying on the ends, and I alternate between PhytoPanama+ or Phytogenium in the week, and finish with Phyto7 cream or a few drops of Argan Oil on the hair. I’ve been using Phyto products for 4 years, so this is speaking from experience. Also, like what another person commented somewhere, try to prolong the days between washes. It actually helps. Good luck!

    • Sesame says

      Hi Zerlyn, glad you had an enjoyable experience at Phyto. I am thinking of visiting it again soon…hope to find some time to spare for the session.

      They seem to have introduced some new products lately and I’m going to check them out but I believe their shampoos contain SLS, something which I like to steer clear off.

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