Granny drawstring bags for shoes & lingerie

It’s amazing what one can unearth while spring cleaning. Not rags mind you. These are totally brand new and unused lying in one of the old chests. They were purchased during one of my trips to Vietnam and they haven’t even turned yellow. Not bad huh? The designs are so pretty I couldn’t bear to use them and hence, kept them in that chest and subsequently clean forgotten about them.

Anyway, I bought a couple of such bags and I used them pretty extensively at one stage. They’re useful for travel purposes but nice as keepsakes too. I especially like the intricate embroidery designs.

Check out this cute embroidered panty design. So cute! It’ll be nice to wear a real panty that looks so sweet.

And the design comes complete with a bra top too. I spotted some designs like this at and they cost around US$15 onwards. Think you can find some of these selling at Takashimaya? Maybe someone can confirm.

This is one lingerie bag that I like and used to put some of my unused lingerie. Don’t ask my why I still keep unused lingerie. I just do.

The thing with these white shoe bags is that while they’re pretty, they get dirty real fast when you start using them to bag your shoes. The inside gets all dirty and I don’t believe in washing them because it just ruin the embroidery. So yeah, now I remember why I bought a few of these bags. To save on the laundry really.

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  1. stella says

    i’ve these from vietnam too and have washed them thinking the color of the thread would run or they would be ruined… but they didn’t! of coz quality differs but mine was from the local market, not some upmarket store

    • sesame says

      Maybe it was the way it was washed…someone else washed mine and the embroidery were slightly ruined so I never attempted again.

  2. says

    Oh they are great. I rememebr India granny’s used to stitch something like this on babies cotton frocks. My granny did it for me… :) The shoes on the bag is like must have for every girl.

  3. says

    I’ve seen embroidery like that on the pillowcases my grandma and older aunts used to make … nowadays it seems to be a lost skill though.

    • sesame says

      Yeah, my mom used to saw pillow cases and adorn them with embroidery too. I think most of the embroidery these days are from machine.

  4. MsLips says

    I have a couple of these bags. Bought them from Vietnam too, at USD1 each. In fact, I have 2 of the designs you featured here. USD15 sounds a bit expensive but maybe they are of better quality. Am sure some of the push carts and shops at Chinatown would sell them too.

    • sesame says

      I think the quality are the same. Can’t remember how much I got it but those from the markets are cheaper while some I got from those stores cost more.

  5. Audris says

    Awww these are so sweet & whimsical. Wouldn’t mind a few of them. Maybe when I finally get to visit Vietnam.

    • sesame says

      I think I might have seen some of these stuff either at the household section of Takashimaya or at Lim’s Arts & Craft. I’m sure there are places that sell these here…

  6. says

    They look so cute and delicate.. I have a pillow with embroideries, but it doesnt get ruined when I wash it luckily 😀


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