How does poor blood circulation affect your skin?

We all know how a poor blood circulation can affect our state of health but do you also know that a poor blood circulation can adversely affect our state of skin too? Well, I sort of know but I didn’t really think too much of it until I was introduced to donkey skin gelatin for beauty as I learnt from my bestie that not only did her relative’s skin tone improved after taking the herbal mixture, but her pigmentation spots actually faded because the herbal mixture promote blood circulation and increase the reproduction of cells. Now, that got me thinking that perhaps some of my skin problems might be due to a poorer blood circulation.

What skin problems can a poor blood circulation cause?
I’m not going to cite any medical studies here but if you think about it, a better blood circulation will definitely increase the reproduction of cells, and this will benefit the skin too. So while a poor skin condition could be due to many reasons, a poor blood circulation is definitely going to show up as poor skin condition. Here, I’ll cover briefly on six skin problems that can result due to poor blood circulation.

1. Unflattering skin tone
When someone is anemic and has a poor blood circulation, chances are, that person has a pallid complexion. In some cases, the skin tone is also dull and may even look ashy.

2. Skin discoloration
Poor blood circulation often results in a lack of oxygen in the blood and hence, this can also cause skin pigmentation, dark spots or blotchy complexion.

3. Acne and problematic skin
Obviously, a poor blood circulation is going to affect how some of your major organs function and over time, these organs can become stressed and are unable to eliminate toxins properly. This can put more pressure on your lymphatic system and your lymph nodes can become sluggish with toxins building up and then excreted through the skin, causing acne or other problematic conditions such as dry skin, itchy skin or even skin rashes.

4. Slower scar healing
Those with acne and have poor blood circulation may find that their acne wounds take a longer time to heal because there is less efficient transport of good nutrients into the skin cells.

5. Wrinkle formation
As mentioned, if your blood cannot circulation well, there is less efficient transport of good nutrients into the skin cells, and this can adversely affect collagen production – thereby causing wrinkle formation.

6. Dark eye circle
While not all dark eye circles are a result of poor blood circulation but because the skin in the area around our eyes is quite thin, poor circulation results in less oxygenated blood, manifesting in a bluish/purplish appearance under the eyes called dark eye circles.

How to improve your blood circulation
Actually, I noticed that my skin has improved gradually over these few months. Yes, the products I’ve used would have helped but one of the improvements I noticed was that my undereye area is no longer so dark. I don’t need to use thick concealer and can make do with normal foundation. At first, I thought the eye cream I am using has helped but I doubted because external products don’t help my undereye area very much except for reducing the fine lines. Then I remembered that I’ve been taking Fit Solution for over six months now and that health supplement has definitely been improving my blood circulation. In addition, I noticed that my acne healing is much faster these days too.

1. Diet and health supplements
A balanced diet rich in vitamin B, C, D and E will be helpful. However, if you find that you are not getting sufficient sources from your food, try taking a vitamin supplement if that is a comfortable idea to you.

2. Exercise
I don’t exercise but it is a sure way to increase blood circulation. In fact, as soon as you start exercising, you’ll notice that your complexion might start looking rosier because of the increased blood circulation that shows up on the surface.

3. Massage
Due to the physical manipulation of soft tissue and also the chemicals released in our bodies as part of the relaxation response, massage increases the circulation of blood. Such an improved circulation can enhance the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to skin cells. So both body and facial massages are good to indulge in for a better blood flow.

I think someone who is healthy is likely going to have a better blood circulation than one who is not. So if you suspect that your blood circulation is causing your skin problems, perhaps it’s time to improve your diet or take time to exercise for the blood flow to circulate better.

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  1. says

    The one I can speak to is changing diet: I’ve increased my consumption of colorful vegetables: broccoli, beets, orange yams, bell peppers of all colors, eggplant, red cabbage and more. I think this makes a difference in general health, and even a bit in facial coloring.

    • sesame says

      I’m sure…I wish I’m better at eating veggies but the best I do is rely on supplements. 😛 But at least, I take real fruits. Hee…

  2. says

    yeah blood circulation can adversely effect skin and also hair….I did dry brushing for a couple of weeks more or less regularly and that itself brought out a significant difference in the skin tone though it is something done from outside so I don’t really know how much it can effect the circulation but I guess it does to an extent…

    • sesame says

      Yup, true true. Maybe my scalp issue is related to my blood not circulating well to my head too.

      About dry brushing, I would really love to try. I actually bought a brush for that purpose some time back for that purpose but didn’t proceed cos I had skin rashes some months ago. Perhaps I should give it a try soon.

        • sesame says

          I would advice against daily scrub. I know some girls use Clarisonic and rave about it. It all depends on your skin type and also, you need to be gentle when you use the brush. Anyway, it’s not necessary to exfoliate daily…twice a week is sufficient.

        • Pay says

          I recently purchased a non-electric facial brush from the Shiseido counter. The saleswoman told me that using it daily with a cleanser will help remove dirt since I have oily skin. Maybe I should return it.

  3. Me says

    Poor poor donkeys:-((( I just can’t understand WHY Chinese people always eat all kind of strange food and claim that it is healthy??? I really feel so sorry for poor animals and I think they are not treated so well when they are alive, before killing them..Doing some sport is just enough for good blood circulation!!!!
    And sorry my English!!

    • sesame says

      I’m sorry that you’re so offended by the eating habits of Chinese. I suppose people always resist the idea of eating something that is not familiar to them but how different is eating donkey’s meat from that of other animals like cow, lamb, pig or chicken? I know of people, non-Chinese, who eat meat of horses and I was also taken aback initially but well, I respect that it’s a matter of personal choice since this is a free world.

  4. Carrie says

    I’ve always wanted to do exercises but too lazy to move my bones… Now I’ve one more reason to motivate myself with such health/beauty benefits!! Am thinking doing belly dancing as that’s what my friend has always wanted to do~~ hehehe 😛

  5. Raelynn says

    i’m quite sure lack of sleep affects the blood circulation, or at least the body’s metabolism as well. i have been up till real late recently and having bad quality sleep, my skin was BLEH.

    • sesame says

      Ah…interesting. Must have some effects and also lack of sleep will limit the body’s ability to repair and rejuvenate. Hope you’ll be able to get good night’s sleep soon!

  6. says

    I’m quite sure I have bad circulation. There are days when my face and hands seem darker than usual. I learned from my Doc that it’s one of the signs of having poor blood circulation.

    • sesame says

      Oh…then try to change your diet or maybe start exercising if you haven’t already started. If your hands and feet are cold, that’s also a sure sign.

  7. diane says

    my skin does so much better when i exercise – specially when it’s Hot yoga…
    :) Must be all the blood pumping and sweating! :)

    • Chukulec says

      I heard doing hot yoga for a long period of time can cause saggy skin and broken capillaries if you have fair skin.

      • diane says

        Do you mean the amount of time you do hot yoga at one go or the length of steady practice (i.e. practicing for several months/years) will cause this?

        I’ve seen regulars who have been doing hot yoga look 30’s in their 40’s and look 40’s in their 50’s…

        I’ll have to look into this…

        • Chukulec says

          I meant practicing for years

          Actually most of the hot yoga instructors I see have saggy skin and they look older than their age.

          I have a friend who goes 6 times a week for almost a year and his skin definitely has gotten worse.

  8. says

    I agree, better blood flow gives really healthy-looking skin! Not just because it helps the body’s process of flushing out toxins, it also promotes better absorption of vitamins and minerals essentials for body vigor and really great skin.

  9. chenyze says

    Hi Sesame, I remember you had an entry with a TCM chart of a face, and information on which organs cause what skin problems when imbalanced. I can’t seem to find it though! Would appreciate it greatly if you can sift it out for me!


    • sesame says

      Here you go: This should the one you’re referring to. :)

  10. says

    Thanks for the wonderful post Sesame. A proper flow of blood in our body is must and as you said its malfunction can cause many skin related problems too. Regular Exercise and good eating habits can help you to improve you blood circulation.
    Jenny Williams last post is: Healthy Habits for Beautiful Skin

  11. Austin says

    I see that you did not include medical citations, but have you read any that supports these?

    • Sesame says

      I read them in Chinese books. Hard to cite. I think this is something more acceptable under TCM. I don’t think there are studies done on this area.


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