Viva Woman May 2011 VivaBella Giveaway

IMG 6966 Viva Woman May 2011 VivaBella Giveaway

Hey everyone, welcome to May’s VivaBella Giveaway! This month, I’m giving away S$450 worth of goodies – nine of them sponsored by six companies and four of them contributed by me. This giveaway is slightly different from the previous as instead of all these items going to one winner, I will pick three winners this round. One winner will get to receive 11 items while the remaining two items marked with the Facebook ‘Like’ button will go to two fans of Viva Woman Facebook Page. The rest of the rules remain similar but please read the guidelines just to stay qualified.


1. Juice Beauty
One Perfecting Foundation & Refining Finishing Powder from Juice Beauty.

2. Hold Me
One Les Fleurs Hold Me Cosmetic Bag.

3. Varnya
One 100% all natural, vegan and gluten-free anti-aging serum.

4. LashMantra
One 100% natural grown eyelash serum made with 18 pure cold pressed oils.

5. MrnMrsFabulous Eco-friendly Shop
Three Envirosax Bags from the Travel Trilogy Collection.

6. Fantastic Find By PuppyMoo
One Suncoat Natural Mascara in black.

One Boots Lavender Hand Cream, one Boots eyeshadow, one eye pillow and one facial herbal compress from me.

IMG 6995 Viva Woman May 2011 VivaBella Giveaway
Perfecting Foundation & Refining Finishing Powder in Organic Ivory from Juice Beauty.

IMG 6973 Viva Woman May 2011 VivaBella Giveaway
One Les Fleurs Hold Me Cosmetic Bag.

IMG 6986 Viva Woman May 2011 VivaBella Giveaway
Three Envirosax Bags from MrnMrsFabulous Eco-friendly Shop.

IMG 6988 Viva Woman May 2011 VivaBella Giveaway
Face and eyelash care products from LashMantra, Varnya & Fantastic Find By PuppyMoo.
IMG 6994 Viva Woman May 2011 VivaBella Giveaway
Boots handcream & eyeshadow plus Thai eye pillow & facial herbal compress.
VivaBella Giveaway Instruct Viva Woman May 2011 VivaBella Giveaway


If you want to win one of the two items marked with the Facebook ‘Like’ Button, all that is required is for you to like this entry on my Viva Woman Facebook Page and tell me which item you want to receive. You can only comment once on my Facebook page but you can still continue to comment here to get a chance to receive the rest of the items too.

1. You may submit multiple entries here but each comment must be different.
2. Your comment must be specific to the company or their products.
3. Comments that show no evidence of guideline 2 will be deleted.
4. The items are not redeemable for cash.
5. The giveaway will be opened till 12 midnight SST on 30 May 2011.
6. Three winners will be randomly picked via
7. Everyone can participate, no matter which country you reside.
8. Winner will be announced on the Viva Woman Facebook page after closing.

I’ll be checking my moderation box regularly, hence don’t worry if your comments do not appear immediately. SO HAVE FUN EXPLORING AND ENTER RIGHT AWAY!

Giveaway Disclaimer: Viva Woman has not tested all the products in the giveaway and cannot be responsible for any negative product experiences that arise from using them. Please use the products at your own discretion should you win them.

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About Sesame

Blog editor of Viva Woman, Sesame is a skin care addict who is fond of using natural & organic beauty products. She also enjoys ogling at handmade jewelry & cute stationery.




    I love Boots Original Beauty Formula! Especially the lavender scent :)


    Nice travel organizers!


    I want this!!
    Coffee connoisseurs would love this!<3


    The bags can hold a variety of palettes! It can even separate them :) Good!!


    It’s good that the applicator and the lash serum are separated. So we would have options whether we would like to use the applicator or our fingers prior to applying.

  6. Rebecca says:

    Chic, inexpensive and compact, Envirosax® carry the message of re-use to a world ready for a brighter ecological future.

  7. Juice Beauty is an organic skincare collection that offers clinically proven age-defying results. Their organic juice solutions are packed with powerful, antioxidant-rich ingredients, bringing their total organic content to 98% without compromising efficacy. Their assortment of potent treatments include formulas for fighting blemishes, defying age, and reviving skin with daily essentials. Masterminded by a team of women who are passionate about living an eco-friendly lifestyle, Juice Beauty gets your skin glowing while giving you peace of mind. It’s the organic solution to beautiful, healthy skin.

    Thank you so much for this I definitely would LOVE to try Juice Beauty-I have never tried organic makeup before:D!!!

    • Oh sorry did not notice this was a facebook one until I scrolled back up and I do not know how t delete it!


    Poppy red and golden peach are almost alike!


    So it has calendula and sandalwood? :)
    I love calendula creams, definitely safe for babies. I wonder if the ingredients work harmoniously with each other


    Calendula is actually used to heal skin for CENTURIES. Nature’s first aid. :)


    Amla extract contains a large amount of vitamin c. hence, it combats free radicals that age the body.


    Shatavari is able to raise fertility and women and has been used during the ancient times. It also helps balancing the female hormonal system.


    I love moringa! Especially when cooked with tinola. It can also be used in the hair, to make it shinier and thicker.


    Gotu Kola stimulates circulation and synthesis of collagen. It has triterpenoids, which have been shown to strengthen the skin, boost antioxidants for skin wounds by increasing oxygen and blood to the damaged areas. :)


    Her eyelashes really thickened! and got longer.

  16. I didnt realise Suncoat Natural Mascara in black is sugar-based. its so cool! are this the only mascara that is sugar based?

  17. Suncoat Natural Mascara contains vitamin e too, will it help us to strengthen our eyelashes?

  18. will like to get the pink Classic Bag Organizers from
    i havent had a bag organiser yet.

  19. im a little doubtful that lash mantra will give me longer lashes. but i really want to try it. haha

  20. wow, check out, the after pic of people who have tried lashmantra is amazing

  21. i need to try lashmantra to get darker eyelashes.

  22. what attracts me most about Varnya actually is the cruelty free factor haha

  23. even though im still relatively young, i should start using antiagin products like varnya. prevention is cure :)

  24. the ingredients in varnya are amazing.

  25. my favorite ingredient used in varnya is the Indian Sandalwood Essential Oil because i have acne, dry skin, scars which hopefully can be cured using varnya

  26. i want the Miss Suki from holdmecompany. it has a pretty design

  27. loveless says:

    I’ve been looking for affordable and safe eye cosmetics, especially eyeliners, since I discovered how much different my small asian single-eyelid eyes look with eye-liner. I’m planning to grab some of the eye makeup with the Vivawoman offer.


    I think it would have been better if the container was pump-typed.


    The moisturizer has spf30 :) I hope it wouldn’t look white casted when applied


    Better than bb cream


    The concealer must be creamy. Go organic!


    I like the name! Organic kisses! :)
    Cuuute. Wonder if they taste like fruits or something..


    This is just what I need!
    “Spa grade exfoliation”


    Kinda pricey. But if it delivers, then it’s worth it.


    They should add more colors!!


    Compared with Goodskin Eyeliplex, I wonder which between the two is better..


    It’s good that Juice Beauty products can also be used by men. Metrosexual! :)

  38. followed your site via GFC “KIM”

    share this on fb”!/permalink.php?story_fbid=188996984486551&id=1465429801

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