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Share: what do you like to see > on Viva Woman?

ideas Share: what do you like to see > on Viva Woman?

Hello VivaBellas! It’s already November and the year is closing soon. I was reading about blog anniversaries elsewhere and just realized that Viva Woman has been around for five years already and next year is the sixth! Geez…I started this blog when my son was nearly four years old and he’s now coming to nine! Although I’ve actually started blogging earlier, but I’m quite amazed that I’ve been keeping this blog alive for so long. Seriously, I wouldn’t have gone this far without all of your support; I really appreciate that many of you have become a regular in this space. *BIG WAVE*

My priorities are sort of changing but I would love to keep this blog alive and kicking so I’ve been thinking about how to take this blog further without losing focus on the natural and organic beauty. Maybe I’ll farm out some writing, maybe I’ll not. But whatever happens, I’ll like to keep my content reader-centric by delivering what you want to read or see most. So tell me, what do you like at Viva Woman? Are there certain topics you would like me to cover more? Are there stuff you would like me to expand further? Do you like the blog design or the pictures you see here? Tell me something so that at least, I’ll have some idea.

Although I can’t promise I’ll work on all the requests because at the moment, I’m just one person managing the blog but I will definitely be taking your inputs into consideration. And if I cannot include your requests here, I might put them up on my Viva Woman Facebook page instead. All in all, new ideas must always start off somewhere and what better way than to put more heads to work on it right? (~_^)

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About Sesame Chew

Blogger and founder of Viva Woman, Sesame is a skin care addict who is fond of using natural & organic beauty products. She also enjoys ogling at handmade jewelry & cute stationery.



  1. How about more sunscreen reviews?

  2. I do enjoy your reviews especially on organic products and also DIYs. I also love reading more on the details of each ingredients and what is it targetted for.

  3. Brownies says:

    I enjoy your reviews on DIY items. I wish to see more reviews on organic skincare (Toners, moisturizers, facial oil, sunscreen. etc. ) products that you use, if possible. Maybe some more on overall fashion trends (Summer/spring) ?

    • sesame says:

      Fashion trends will be a bit adhoc but I’ll work on that seeing that there is some interest. I did that in the past but fell aside…

  4. I love reading about skincare product reviews the most since I’m a skincare junkie. :) I also like it when you show before and after photos in your reviews ’cause it’s something that I’m too lazy to do when I test products.

    • sesame says:

      Haha…before and after pictures! But sometimes, the problem is the lighting and I use a normal camera so I do need to qualify that. I’ll work on more product reviews…just a bit difficult to test all the products. Need more guest reviewers!

  5. Like others, I enjoy reading your homemade cosmetics & details/use of cosmetic ingredients.

    However, what makes your beauty blog different from others is that you make a connection of health/lifestyle to beauty. For example, you talk about Traditional Chinese medicine, sleeping by 10 pm, reduce stress etc. It is very holistic.

    I also enjoy reading your beauty routine and its results e.g Tanaka Facial Massage.

    In short, keep doing what you’re doing. I hope you will continue writing

    • sesame says:

      Thanks Sara! I like to take a holistic approach, and incorporate what I actually do myself. And thanks for your additional inputs via email – I will reply to your email soon!

  6. I like the discussion posts here the most!

    • sesame says:

      Oh that’s great because I was a bit unsure on that one although I see from the response, they’re well received. I must think of more topics! :razz:

  7. Diane says:

    I like the DIY stuff! & would like to see more ingredients focus :)
    Good luck sorting out priorities! :)

  8. DIY

    • sesame says:

      Okay, that definitely! I love experimenting with stuff and writing that. Am trying to expand DIY fashion but that’s a bit limited for now.

  9. Online stores recommendations and more giveaways!

    • sesame says:

      Okay, working on one giveaway! For online stores, I’ll try to work with them but maybe more advertorial features instead.

  10. I loke more DIY! and just keep it up! I’m enjoying your site as it is! :)

    • sesame says:

      Okay, DIY definitely stays…I do it once a week at least and try to be more consistent now. :)

  11. I’m an information junkie. I want you to talk more about the ingredients (both good and bad) in skincare products.

    • sesame says:

      Ok, that’s something I’ve been sort of putting off. I did it awhile and then found it boring. I must try to find a more interesting angle to do this.

      • Brownies says:

        Maybe you can make it more interesting my reviewing your past blogs and update them? I am also interested in your reviews on certain ingredients that you liked/ dislikes. you also introduced some trends on these ingredients in the cosmetic industry that I did like.

        I mean, this is a suggestion if you wish to work from this angle….

  12. Hi Sesame! I started visiting your blog around two months ago, I enjoyed reading it. I have started using organic skincare & personal care products since last year August, can consider myself an organic freak..hehe.. :p
    Your reviews really helps me alot. Thank GOD! (^^)
    continue to do what you are doing. GOD Bless always! :)

    • sesame says:

      So glad to know my reviews are helpful! Thank you for the encouragement! And God bless you too! Shalom! :)

  13. elaine_pink_geek says:

    im loving this site of yours and always looking forward for new products and more DIY stuffs. This has been very informative and useful to all of us. I really love the GIVEAWAY part.. will i be able to join the giveaway promo even if im not from SG, im from the philippines anyway, ^^.

    • sesame says:

      Thank you for coming by often! Haha…yes, the giveaway is fun and I’m planning for one soon. ;)

  14. How about organic make up? And tutorials using only organic make up products?

    • sesame says:

      Organic makeup is one area I’ve been rather slow in…but will definitely like to buck up there. As for tutorials…I am not sure if I’m up to it because I’m quite a makeup noob!

  15. How about more reviews on Asian/Eastern brands such as Naruko?

    • sesame says:

      Okay, will look into that but they have to be natural/organic formulations. Noticed Naruko is free of chemical preservatives so it piqued my interest.

  16. Destiny says:

    Supplements and herbal remedies..especially Asian ones I might not be aware of.

  17. Doreen says:

    Naruko and AM PM reviews! Chinese traditional herbal and lifestyle to maintain beauty. The story of ancient Egyptian, ancient chinese and ancient indian for skincare, tada!

    • sesame says:

      I was looking at some of the Naruko stuff…but it’s a bit difficult to review them. We see… Okay, working on the Chinese traditional herbal bit and will look at the others that you propose too. They sound interesting!

  18. I love your blog! I check your past posts every now and then. :) Maybe you could update them if there are changes. And definitely more product reviews (on stuff you like and recommend and those you actually use and their alternatives). You have touched many lives through this blog, I hope you keep on doing so for a long time. :)

    • sesame says:

      Thank you for your comments! I appreciate them very much. I’ll definitely update posts when there are changes or I’ll post up something new about it. :)

  19. chenyze says:

    I like it when you keep things holistic! And informational posts like why certain ingredients are useful or harmful.

    Maybe you can delve a little more into traditional philosophies like TCM and Ayurveda?

  20. Congrats on the anniversary! I’ve never gone past 3 yr mark maintaining a personal blog so totally salute your consistent effort in keeping such an interesting blog. I’ve learned so much here! Really love it when you address lifestyle habits for e.g the best time to shampoo hair, tingling sensation on skin, myths about aging etc. Keep it up Sesame! will always be a regular reader here though not a regular comment poster :-)

    • sesame says:

      Thank you so much Veira! I’m glad you have found some info here useful and interesting. Will be keeping focus on those areas you mentioned and maybe expand on one or two of those soon. :)

  21. babysaffron says:

    What about serums? Thanks.

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