DIY Beauty: sea salt water to thicken fine hair

Those with fine, flyaway hair might want to give this simple DIY hair recipe a go! I read somewhere awhile back that sea water is good to thicken hair but since I don’t live near a beach, I thought this can be replicated by using sea salt from my kitchen! I’m all for a more natural way to thicken my hair without resorting to commercial products so if you’re like me, read on.

Sea salt for volume & control
It seems that sea salt water can give our hair some volume and control. In fact, I understand it’s great for to make wavy hair wavier than normal. But given I have straight hair, and so I can only try this for volume and control. I’ve taken the sea salt water for a couple of rinse so far and it indeed does what it promises! My hair feels thicker and easier to tame and style. I am kind of loving this except that I also know that using too much salt on our hair can be drying.

Not table salt
The recipe is so easy. All you need is sea salt. No table salt please. I mix about one tablespoon of salt with 300ml of water. Well, I’ve found out the more salt there is in the water, the better the effect. And I use this as the last rinse after I have given my hair a proper wash. Another way to try is to contain the sea salt and water into a spray bottle for styling purpose. I haven’t tried this because the rinse works better for me as it’s totally fuss free. But I suppose a spray bottle will suit those who want to make their wavy hair wavier as a spray bottle makes styling more convenient.

Cost saving
I understand that some hair products that promises volume or wave actually contain sea salt but well, I suppose they’ll cost at least $15 or more. So instead of forking out that kind of money, why not just give this a try? It certainly worked for me!

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  1. Angel says

    REALLY? I’d def think that it would dry your hair out. My hair is dry and thin, do you think I should still try it?
    How many times a week do you rec that we do it? I wash my hair every other day.
    I’ll def have to try this at least once! :) My fine hair makes me so sad!

    • sesame says

      So far, it seems okay for me. I don’t see my hair drying out but I guess it will with long term usage. I don’t do this every day though. Like two or three times a week.

  2. aibicon says

    Hi Sesame,
    do we wash only the end of our hair without touching the scalp?will I have more hair fall if I accidentally touch my scalp?

    • sesame says

      I was a bit concerned about that but I thought logically, it shouldn’t cause more hair drop. I tried a bit times and it was fine. If you’re concern, then the spray method would work better.

  3. says

    Interesting, I’ve never heard of it. Unfortunately, my hair is already so thick and wavy, and I don’t like it to curl even more. Lol.

    Means you tried dissolving the salt till saturation point?

  4. Chenyze says

    hmm, so you actually leave the salt water in the hair, rather than rinsing it out again?

  5. Nika says

    This is something totally new for me.
    But when I think about it, I remember that every time I spent a day at the beach, my hair looked great and wavy. Well, it is too short now.

  6. says

    oh yes, salt does thicken hair but it dries too :( but its great for de-frizzing the hair…saw it in one of the videos!!!

  7. says

    That’s interesting. I thought salt (regardless of which kind) can only dry our hair. I never thought of using it on my hair! I have a small pack of dead sea salt and don’t know how I could use it because the granules are too large. Now, I can put them to good use :)

  8. Liesl says

    I love John master’s sea mist with lavender spray on.
    So perhaps for some extra shine and a nice scent, we can add in some drops of essential oils as well?

  9. claire says

    I shall get a bottle of lavender hydrosol and dissolve some sea salt in it! a cheaper alternative for john masters sea mist spray. I shall be needing this once I get my hair rebonded! :/ can’t stand flat hair but my hair is dry and wavy naturally with lots of baby frizzy hair and it gets so voluminous that my sister exclaims it’s retro. thanks for the tip off!

    • sesame says

      You’ll need a bit of the sea salt…the mixture should have a ‘slimy’ feel to get a thickening effect.

  10. says

    I do think it’s true. When I look back at my college photos or even my dive holiday photos, my hair always appears fuller, even when slightly damp. Has to be all that sea salt!!!

    • sesame says

      Yeah, I remember that too. But I also remember I needed more washes to get rid of the residues from the sea water.

  11. Vivian says

    I dont think sea salt is a good idea. It makes your hair rough (probably the reason why you think it poofs up). Think of how rough and damaged our hair feels like when you dip your hair in the sea.

  12. Andrea says

    Does it leave behind any salt crystal residue, especially once the hair has dried? I’m going by the logic that they used to tell us in school – that if you leave salt water out in a dish, once the water evaporates, it leaves the salt crystals behind again. Does it happen with your hair?

    • sesame says

      Hmm…not that I could feel cos the sea salt I used were very fine but they’re possibly there somewhere.

  13. Viv. A says

    This is also a nice tip for those with wavy/curly hair and want that “beach look”, but you people are right abut the drying part, so try to use it in moderation. I also have used the sea salt with leave in conditioner instead of water, and the results are fine too.

      • Miss Vinny says

        Hhmmm…. how would you mix in sea salt with leave-in conditioner? Use a spoon to blend it all in?

        • sesame says

          I’ve not tried this but I think what you just suggested make sense…or a stirrer. The fine sea salt should blend in well. I don’t use leave-in conditioner.

  14. says

    I’d imagine sea salt would make my hair feel sticky rather than dry. Doesn’t the salt water feel sticky to touch? But an interesting experiment. I’d start by adding it to my conditioner and see what it does. If not thicker hair, wavier hair sounds pretty good too. My sis gets quite mineral-rich water where she lives and her hair has certainly turned wavy at the ends over a few years.

    • sesame says

      Hmm…it’s not sticky but the feel is somewhat like you’ve used some hairspray. You try it and see if it works for you. 😉

  15. says

    I really want to try this! Just have to buy some sea salt. My hair is ridiculously thin and doesn’t style well. At this point it couldn’t hurt lol.


  16. Something says

    Will this work for curly hair too? I have been looking all over for good hair treatments to help with my natural, but extremely frizzy and dry curly hair. I use Hot Oil treatments but I feel like I should do more to help with it. :-)

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