Beauty snacking: healthy and tasty QQ rice rolls

I just found myself a new snack to indulge in – QQ rice rolls! They’re quite yummy and I really like that they’re made with purple rice, brown rice, red rice, wheat germ brown rice, or mixed grains. Definitely a high fiber snack that improves the digestive system with detoxifying properties! And it’s not just the rice rolls, but there are also rice pudding and rice drinks.

Variety of rice used
Aside from the brown rice and red rice, the other types of rice are new to me. I’ve never tried purple rice and they’re quite hard compared to the usual grade of rice. But because they’re mixed with the other grains, so the taste came across fine. Anyway, purple rice is particularly great for women with its rich nutrients.

Beneficial properties
I’m particularly keen on the wheat germ brown rice because it is said to promote blood circulation, overcome physical and mental tiredness, and helps to slow down aging! Red rice helps to prevent anemia and constipation while brown rice is great for weight management.

Rice pudding
The mixed grain rice rolls contains a mixture of 12 grains. I wasn’t keen to try the drink but the rice pudding turned out rather yummy. I certainly don’t mind snacking on this from time to time.

Where to get
You can check out details on the QQ rice rolls at their Facebook page. These rice rolls not only make a great snack, they can even be made a meal. They’re not just plain rice rolls, but come stuffed with tasty fillings. If you’re a vegetarian, you can have a choice of vegetarian fillings too.

Anyone tried these and liking them too?

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  1. says

    Me, me, me! LOL! I always line up outside the branch at NEX, lol. I got addicted to the rolls where you can choose the stuffings. It makes me think of it as the subway for Asians or any rice lover. :)

    The purple rice is my favorite. <3
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  2. Alice says

    Yes, I LoVe them very much ! Deliciously yummy & healthy too ! I always patronize the one at Square 2. Sometimes, my combination of 5 types of fillings may sound weird (salmon floss, cheese, coleslaw, silver fish and broccoli) but they taste simply delicious. They used to have one outlet at Plaza Sing but closed down already.

  3. says

    Oh I love these, I love these! There’s a rice seller at Jurong Point, and I eat it once or twice every week for lunch. Really really nice. But I don’t think it’s the same company. Concept is the same though.
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    • Sesame says

      I won’t be surprised if we have more vendors like this. I like the idea of having more such outlets actually.

  4. Liesl says

    I’m addicted to it for years. Whenever I drop by sq2, will always make sure I tabao these. It’s healthy and hopefully they open more branches.

  5. says

    Oh my~ I remember I used to work at one of the QQ Rice franchise here in NZ while I was studying!!! Good to know that it also spreaded to Singapore too 😀 Though it is a pity that the Singapore franchise does not have the ” Organic Canadian Wild Rice”, it is my favourite range followed by the purple rice =P
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