My new carryall is roomy enough for a bowling ball

Thanks to some complimentary gift certificates I’d received, this Pour La Victoire Tate Satchel is my new carryall from Shopbop which is roomy enough to carry a bowling ball in there…LOL. Okay, the design and color is a tad boring but it fits my objective of having something sturdy and solid for a change. I’m definitely loving the buttery soft leather and the fact that it can function as both a shoulder bag as well as a hand carry.

I know I’d mentioned earlier that I wanted to get a watch. In fact, I had originally picked up some dresses in my cart but after mulling over the order for a day, I changed my mind and decided that I’ll shop for clothes elsewhere. Somehow, I like to buy bags from Shopbop, particularly those on sale!

Again, I’m so pleased that I received it within four days of ordering from Shopbop. The efficiency is so awesome that it makes me wanna order some more because I’m eyeing another bag but I guess I’ll wait next month and hopefully it’ll still be on sale then.

And speaking of sale, you may like to know that Shopbop (my referral link) is currently having a big sale where you can save anything from 20% to 35%, depending on the amount of your purchase. Just enter promo code BIGEVENT12 durin checkout. Offer is valid through 26 November.

Happy weekend shopping! (~_^)

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  1. says

    totally off the topic here but i wanted to ask you about how you exactly use the MVO face screen…i was reading the color swatches post and i read that you use a foundation on top of that. so, when you apply MVO, doesn’t the skin feel grainy in texture…how are you able to apply something over that?? i have that issue so thought about asking you.
    Swati last post is: What do you like on Television?

    • Sesame says

      Hmmm…I don’t feel any grainy texture on my skin. If you see my picture in this post (, this is how I look like with just the MVO Face Screen. So I have no problem using anything on top of it.

  2. says

    Nice bag! I love large totes because they are great everyday bags especially for my school stuff. I also like them because I tend to overstuff my bags cause I put the world in them so a bag that can swallow up a bowling ball would be perfect for me lol
    Audreiana last post is: Everyday Minerals Happiness Bronzer

    • Sesame says

      Yeah, the bad is that we tend to fill too much stuff and it seems as if we’ve got rocks and stones in there. 😛

      • says

        Haha. The other day I wanted to buy something but had to take everything out of my handbag because I couldn’t find my wallet. It was buried in stuff. You should have seen the stuff I had with me. Very embarrassing. Al those people waiting behind me in line! It’s a good thing I don’t have a bag that big…
        Agnes last post is: Led Lichttherapie tegen rosacea?

        • Sesame says

          I know what you mean…that’s why I use a bag organizer. The problem with big bags is, we tend to want to dump everything in!

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