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Tips For Aspiring Beauty Bloggers

Are you an aspiring beauty blogger looking for tips to improve your blog? You are? Then this section is for you! (^_^)

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…or not

DMCA take down Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...or not
Have you had people who admire you so much they want to copy everything about you? Irritating yes? Annoying much? In this case, I’m not sure if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. In fact, saying that is almost akin to consoling yourself. Well, I’m not sure how I would really react if I catch someone trying to copy my looks or my style but I tell you I was not at all flattered when I found out that my entire blog was copied end of last week.

Playing with my new toy is my new year resolution

Sony Nex 5T Playing with my new toy is my new year resolution
Happy New Year everyone! Hope you’re all having a blast so far! Somehow, it’s been quite hard to kickstart my blogging mojo and that’s why this late entry into the year. First, I wasn’t keen to discuss the usual R&R—reflections and resolutions—and second, I thought it’s kinda inappropriate to launch straight into the usual topics without some sort of accountability for the new year. HA! So instead of doing either, let me show off my best Christmas present—the Sony Nex-5TY ultra-compact digital camera with interchangeable lenses. This is my new toy that is going to help me fulfil my new year blogging resolution. (Okay, sounds like I contradicted myself but I promise you it’s just one resolution ^^ .)

Can you make a full-time income as a beauty blogger?

FTblogging Can you make a full time income as a beauty blogger?
Recently, a reader by the name of Robyn sent me an email asking for some problogging advice. She wanted to know if it’s possible to make a full-time income through blogging. I’m not sure what niche she’s interested to blog but I think the questions she’d posed are probably at the back of the minds of some aspiring beauty bloggers’ too. Since I was planning to reply her, I thought I might as well address this on the blog too.

Beauty blogging: how to build your blog to sell it off

blog to sell Beauty blogging: how to build your blog to sell it off
A number of you were surprised when I mentioned that I was negotiating to sell off this blog. Some of you are probably wondering how is it even possible. Well, anything is possible in the Internet world. I mean if women can auction off their chastity online, what’s selling a blog really? Anyway, it’s something that is already gaining momentum in recent years and in Internet lingo, it’s called website flipping. It’s good business because as a seller, you can get a tidy profit and for the buyer, they can gain an established site that brings them good money without having to build it from scratch. However, not every site can be sold and so with my first hand experience at having nearly sold off this blog, let me share with you why you should be building your blog to sell it off.