10 skin care tips that work for me and my face

vintage looking mirror

Many of you have been dropping me emails or messaging me on my Facebook page asking for skin care tips. I've to say it's not always easy to provide suitable recommendations especially since our skin conditions tend to differ. However, I thought I'll share 10 of my skin care tips for those who are ...

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Tips to share: how to remove eye makeup gently

eye makeup remover

I've never really needed to make extra efforts to remove my eye makeup simply because I didn't wear much of them in the past. However, when I started wearing eyeliner, I realized that I needed more effort to take the color off without rubbing and tugging the delicate eye area. I know oil cleansers ...

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Tips to share: shave your legs using cooking oil

shave legs

I’m not sure if this is an old idea, but I was trying to make a DIY body scrub using olive oil and sugar and ended up finding the perfect solution to shaving my legs that has eczema. Although an accidental discovery, this has turned out to be something I will be using from now on when shaving as it ...

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