Simple tips to keep hair healthy and beautiful

hair care

It seems that some of the Chinese magazines are loaded full of beauty tips. No wonder they are so popular! Anyway, I was reading one from Hong Kong while at a hair salon recently and was quite pleased to find many useful and interesting hair care tips. Good thing I can read Chinese characters ...

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10 beauty tips to optimize your shower time

shower tips

I don't know about others but I hated to shower as a kid. My mom would have to scream at me to get me bathing. Every. Single. Day. Of course I grew up and realized that personal hygiene is important if I wanted to expand my social circle and not have people pinch their nose when they speak to me. ...

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Six different ways to apply skin care products

different ways to apply skincare products

Recently, I placed an order for a product that I didn't like so much in terms of application. I had some problems applying the product the first time but because I had loved the results from using it, I decided to re-order the product and then apply it a different way. This first time around, I ...

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16 quick tips about using water for beauty

Water tips for beauty

We cannot live without water and we also know how important water is when it comes to our health and skin. Today, let me share with you 16 quick tips on how to use water effectively for beauty inside out. Water in cleansing 1. Lukewarm water is best for washing the face as it will remove ...

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