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Share: are you sold by ‘magic’ beauty products?

Magic Share: are you sold by magic beauty products?

Magic Cream. Magic Elixir. Magic Skin Care. Magic Facial. And Magic What Nots. The word ‘magic’ seems quite common in the cosmetic industry. I’ve come across a couple of products using this word as a prefix and I wonder if these products generally do well. I mean, the word does conjur images of miraculous performance and instant results doesn’t it? Or is it abracadabra and then poof?

Share: do you decant your beauty products?

mini cosmetics bottles containers and jars Share: do you decant your beauty products?

I know most people probably decant their beauty products into smaller bottles or jars when they travel. But other than for traveling purposes, do you decant your skin care products into smaller containers for daily usage? I do that a lot with the DIY ingredients because I usually like to keep them as fresh as possible so I usually decant my hydrosols or aloe vera for example, into smaller bottles while the big jars stay into the fridge. I also like to decant some of the essential oils I get from Garden of Wisdom into smaller bottles for convenience.

Share: do you have products lying at every corner?

handcreams Share: do you have products lying at every corner?
I just noticed that I have a ton of products lying next to my printer and they’re mostly hand and body creams plus a couple of lip balms. The other place is the side table of my bed, where I found a foot cream, a cuticle balm and a sleep balm. Granted, these are the two areas I spend most of my time at so naturally, I would like to be able to reach out to the products I need. But I also found a moisturizer and a sunscreen in my kitchen! Well, actually those belong to my husband. They very far away from the stove and are placed in a safe, dark corner.

Share: how long is your daily skin care routine?

skin care routine Share: how long is your daily skin care routine?

I don’t know if you’ve heard this expression but it’s quite a common one here in Singapore meant for people who spend a long time in the toilet, whatever it is they maybe doing. Another laughable one I came across from my mom is “oh, she’s pulling out all her intestines to wash and then stuffing them back”. And I was like (o_o). I don’t stay with my mom now so I don’t know what she’ll say if she finds out that I spend like 30 minutes each morning to prep my skin and hair. That’s probably well too long by her standard.