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Share: what’s the must-have item in your bag?

IMG 2742 Share: whats the must have item in your bag?

I remember someone asking this question at a workshop I attended eons ago – what is the one item you must have with you when you’re out? So let me modify the question here a little for the VivaBellas reading this – what is the one beauty item you must have in your bag when you’re out?

Is it a lip balm? A lipstick? A foundation powder? A sunscreen? A handcream? A mirror? A hand sanitizer? A pack of tissue? Or something else?

Share: what time do you wash your hair?

best time to shampoo hair Share: what time do you wash your hair?

Earlier this week, I picked up a Chinese book in the local bookstore about beauty and came across some interesting information regarding the best time to wash our hair. It stated specifically that we shouldn’t be washing our hair early in the morning and late in the night. Oh geez…I wash my hair first thing in the morning when I jump out of bed every day for almost my entire life now! In fact, some days as early as 4am! So what gives?

Share: do you often rest your face on your hands?

Picnik collage Share: do you often rest your face on your hands?

Hey VivaBellas, are you daydreaming on your desk or your bed? Or maybe taking time to plan ahead for 2011? Well, if you are, let’s do a quick check: do you have any of your hands rested on your chin, on one side of your face or maybe both sides while doing so? Or maybe you’re so comfortable that you’re about to fall asleep on one of your hands even?

Share: what’s your nail color for this X’mas?

Anna Sui Purple Blue 109 Nail Color Share: whats your nail color for this Xmas?

Am I having a blue X’mas or what? Yeah, but only on my nails! *wink* There is already so much red during this festive period and so I thought I’ve do with some interesting contrast via this navy blue Anna Sui nail color from my stash. Actually when I received this nail color in my goodie bag, it looked more like a purple blue to me. But now that I’ve applied on my nails, it’s looking more navy blue. Definitely a pretty color!