Share: how much do you enjoy going to the dentist?

dental beauty

Does anyone out there like to visit to dentist? Wow, you do? Because I absolutely HATE visiting the dentist! If I can, I'll avoid. But for the sake of my teeth, I do try to visit at least once a year. And that, is not good dental care, I was told. Well, better than not going I say. So even though I ...

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Share: do you like using makeup remover wipes?

makeup remover face towelettes

I can certainly understand why makeup remover wipes are popular with ladies, given how convenient they are especially during times of emergencies. Some people have told me that if you have no time to wash your face, these wipes do come in handy. But I hardly ever use them because I just don't like ...

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Share: do you use any beauty, makeup or hair apps?

iPhone Beauty Apps

I just learned that The Ugly Meter is an app that tells you how ugly you are from your phone and I was like, DUH! I mean, who needs that? I know I don't because I know I am not ugly! I'll rather spend time on those apps that offer me sound beauty advice or step-by-step makeup tutorials. And speaking ...

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