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Share: what’s your nail color for this X’mas?

Anna Sui Purple Blue 109 Nail Color Share: whats your nail color for this Xmas?

Am I having a blue X’mas or what? Yeah, but only on my nails! *wink* There is already so much red during this festive period and so I thought I’ve do with some interesting contrast via this navy blue Anna Sui nail color from my stash. Actually when I received this nail color in my goodie bag, it looked more like a purple blue to me. But now that I’ve applied on my nails, it’s looking more navy blue. Definitely a pretty color!

Share: do you provide special care to your neck?

GOW Bio Active Neck Firming Serum Share: do you provide special care to your neck?

So I’ve been using this GoW Bio-Active Neck Firming Serum purchased through Garden of Wisdom via a spree for two weeks or so now. I know it’s a bit premature to give a full review but going by the comments I read on the forum, others are seeing results in a week and so I think it’s okay that I say something about it now.

Share: do you wash your hands for skin’s sake?

IMG 1135 Share: do you wash your hands for skins sake?

Hello VivaBellas! How are you this morning? I am feeling so brilliant and glorious! Woo hoo! There are so many things to be happy about! For one, my skin was breaking out a little last week but it’s all good now. I’ve actually been changing my skin care gradually this season because of some new products introduced to me. Just the other day, while applying my skin care products, I noticed that I was washing my hands in between applications quite a bit these days. I never used to do that. Okay, let me explain what I’m trying to say here.

Share: your most embarrassing feminine moment

embarrassing beauty moments Share: your most embarrassing feminine moment

Good day VivaBellas! I’m feeling very upbeat and because I’m feeling so, I want to tell you about my most recent embarrassing feminine moment. Heheh. And why do I think it most apt to share it today? Because it’s a Monday!

So recently, I was in a queue with my family, waiting for some tickets. It was a long queue and I specifically remember there were some men standing beside and behind me. All of a sudden, my son sneezed and his nose was dripping wet. He needed a tissue paper and I had to give him one very quickly.