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Share: are you into fun & trendy gadgets?

Nokia E5 Share: are you into fun & trendy gadgets?

Something fun and exciting is brewing at Viva Woman. I won’t divulge the details as yet except to say that whatever is coming up is gadget related. *BIG GRIN* So I thought I’ll like to get some reader feedback firsthand.

Share: what’s your favorite eye cream or gel?

1 Share: whats your favorite eye cream or gel?

Hello VivaBellas! I need your recommendation for a good eye cream or gel. I’m currently looking for a good eye product that won’t cost me an arm and a leg. I do love the Organic Apoteke Rejuvenating Eye Cream because it was quite effective for me and is reasonably priced but I can’t seem to use it in the day because of how it makes my skin turn red for awhile. Others that have worked for me are too expensive and out of my budget.

Share: your best way to get rid of blackheads?

SHK Share: your best way to get rid of blackheads?

I wonder if everyone gets blackheads on their noses. Called comedones by dermatologists, these facial pests are a result of the waxy oil that accumulates on our skin. The expert explanation is that when a minuscule globule of sebum collects at the top of a pore, a whitehead develops. When the waxy oil hardens, plugs the pore and is exposed to air, it turns black through oxidation and becomes a blackhead.

Share: what’s your favorite facial moisturizer?

moisturizer Share: whats your favorite facial moisturizer?

I’ve been asked a number of times to recommend a facial moisturizer and I’m always stumped for an answer and nothing comes to my mind. Because for about two years now, I rarely use moisturizer on my face. Other than the range from True Beauty, I’ve been using mostly facial oils, serums and sunscreens. In fact, most of my sunscreens double up as a facial moisturizer for me.