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Share: do you shave to remove hair from your legs?

shaving legs Share: do you shave to remove hair from your legs?

Between waxing and shaving, I’ve always preferred the former, which I find to be somewhat therapeutic especially if it’s actually done at the palor. Shaving on the other hand, is usually a rush-rush affair and will leave me with at least one cut or more if I’m not so lucky. But just a couple of months ago, I started to find that shaving may not be so bad after all.

Share: do you do anything when you’re using a mask?

face mask Share: do you do anything when youre using a mask?

I’m quite sure most of you use a face mask of some sort every week. Maybe it’s a sheet mask, maybe it’s a clay mask, a cream mask, or a homemade mask that you’ll leave on for as short as 10 minutes to a longer duration of 30 minutes. So I’m very curious as to what do you do during that time: do you just lie down to rest or do you optimize the time and do something more productive?

Share: ever been angered by uncalled-for comments?

angry Share: ever been angered by uncalled for comments?

I was invited to have a haircut and coloring session at Komachi Hair Cult more than a month ago. Now, I am very sensitive about my hair and I can get all riled up at the slightest comment. So there I was, sitting in the salon for the first time and feeling rather unimpressed with what I saw. It also didn’t help that the hairstylist spoke Mandarin to me and then bluntly pointed out that I had very little hair. And while I was still feeling miffed about his comment, the shampoo boy who attended to me asked me if I’m suffering from hair loss. And that was it! My anger rose to the point I was prepared to pick up my bag and walk right out of the salon that very minute!

Share: are you bothered by stretch marks at all?

stretch marks Share: are you bothered by stretch marks at all?

Is it safe to say most women have stretch marks regardless of whether they have been pregnant or not? I know I have them and I have never been pregnant, just that I’ve lost quite a bit of weight from my teenage years, resulting in the stretch marks on my thighs. I have to confess, they used to bother me when I was younger and I would apply anything that claims to lessen the marks. But now, I find myself not caring anymore to the point where I don’t even bother to do anything about them.