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Share: do you ever feel unmotivated to look good?

pic1 Share: do you ever feel unmotivated to look good?

I don’t know what has come over me but of late, I no longer feel like putting on makeup or even dress up. No, I’m not depressed at all but I just feel unmotivated in the looks department. To be honest, it’s getting to be a chore to put on even some light foundation and I realized that I haven’t been using lippies for a long time! On most days, I’m out in tees and shorts or jeans complete with a pair of FitFlop. I don’t even put on accessories like I used to anymore! The only thing I still care about is my hair; I’ll ensure that it’s at least clean and neat whenever I head out.

Share: would you support this blog if I’m not writing?

pic2 Share: would you support this blog if Im not writing?

Hello everyone! I’ve been feeling slightly challenged coming up with this post without making it sound like it’s a farewell message from me. Okay, to set your heart at ease, this is not a farewell post but rather, it’s one to prepare you of some upcoming changes at Viva Woman. This is something I’ve actually been planning for quite a while now, but just that it has not been put into action as yet. However, due to some new developments that are in the pipeline, this is about the right time I start to implement this.

Share: do you often check yourself in the mirror?

Mirror Share: do you often check yourself in the mirror?

Picture this: you were checking out items in a store quite mindlessly until you spotted a mirror. Or you were in a crowded elevator and you saw your own reflection. Question: did you stop to check yourself out or did you look away? My instinctive behavior is to check myself out and in fact, more often than not, I find myself gravitating towards mirrors even if they are a distance away from me.

Share: avoid contact when you don’t look your best?

Untitled 1 Share: avoid contact when you dont look your best?

It’s been a couple of months now and I realized that the frequency of going au natural when I head out of my home has been increasing. Okay, that’s a bit of a tease really because what I meant to say is that I haven’t been wanting to look my best. So it’s sans makeup with my nerdy glasses most of the time. Well, that’s really not much of a look and so yeah, I’m slightly conscious about bumping into people I know. Not exceedingly so but if I can avoid them, I most probably would although I’ll say my decision to avoid or to establish contact really depends. And what exactly am I depending on?