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Share: would you consider permanent makeup?

permanent makeup Share: would you consider permanent makeup?

Do you use makeup regularly? It’s pretty time consuming isn’t it? I mean, even the most basic makeup needs at least 5 minutes of your time. So wouldn’t it nice if you don’t have to apply makeup and still look great the moment you wake up from your bed? Well, this is actually possible if you’ve got permanent makeup on. Yes, makeup that you cannot wash off with just cleanser and water. Just imagine the amount of time you can save on applying and removing makeup to your eyebrow, eyeliner and lipstick!

Share: must be served by female with clear skin?

counter staff Share: must be served by female with clear skin?

Don’t judge a book by the cover! Yeah, who are we kidding? Come on now. For someone who blogs about beauty, I’ll be lying if I say I don’t go by what I see. In fact, I form impressions all the time based on things and people I see – some good, and some not so good. So today, I’m going to ask your opinion regarding the staff that serve you in the beauty industry, whether they are those working at the beauty counters selling cosmetics or those providing beauty therapy in beauty salons. Must they be female and must they have clear skin?

Share: do you like to get your skin analyzed?

pic1 Share: do you like to get your skin analyzed?

I suppose ladies who are concerned about their beauty will have their skin analyzed professionally one time or another. It might be at a department store’s cosmetic counter, at an aesthetic salon, or at a dermatologist’s clinic. How such analyses help your skin is that they will enable the skin care experts to recommend you the right products or treatments for your specific skin type. And obviously, a professional skin analysis by a dermatologist is much more thorough and detailed, compared to the others.

Share: would you pay for monthly beauty boxes?

Beauty Box1 Share: would you pay for monthly beauty boxes?

Looks like the monthly beauty box is trending in Asia now because I just received three requests over the last two weeks to review them. This service, which took off in US and is also popular in UK, is apparently building market share right here. For those who do not know, this is a personalized service where a personal beauty box with about five selected products – from skincare to makeup to cult beauty tools – is sent to your doorstep each month for a small subscription fee, ranging from something like S$15 to S$25. The rationale behind such beauty boxes is that they help consumers discover cool beauty products from well-known brands as well as emerging gems without having to pay the full price.