Do you do a skin patch test?


How many of you perform a patch test on your skin whenever you’re using new skin care products or cosmetics? I have never but I’ve been increasingly worried about my readers getting allergies due to my recommendations. I don’t do patch tests because I am lazy but I know skin allergies are possible even with…

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Going against gravity-induced aging


I was sniggering the other day when I read a tip in a book that we should try to counter the effects of aging by doing some reclining exercises. Apparently, that would help to contain aging caused by gravity. I thought it was some bullshit until I saw this: Spending time on your back also…

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Is layering more products on your skin good?

I found this article “Multi-Layered Beauty” in last week’s copy of the Urban from The Straits Times rather interesting and useful. Those from Singapore are likely to have read the article but I thought I’ll highlight a section of it here for the benefit of those who did not read it, as well as for…

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Skin care strategy to counter UV damage


By now, we should have realized the importance of wearing sunscreen on a daily basis, even at home. However, you may want to know that wearing sunscreen daily is still not sufficient to obtain maximum photoprotection. Although sunscreens are useful, but because of inadequate use, we cannot expect it to shield our skin from all…

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