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Can you use body lotion on your face?

dr bronners hand body lotion Can you use body lotion on your face?

Why would anyone want to use their hand lotion or body moisturizer on their face you may ask. Well, out of convenience is my guess. Like my husband, who used the Sukin Hydrating Body Lotion I passed him and applied it all over, including his face! And the result? Clogged pores and a mini eruption of pimples. In fact, he didn’t even realized the reason until I questioned him.

Do facial blotters make your face oilier?

facial blotters Do facial blotters make your face oilier?

I was at Watsons the other day and realized that there are now so many brands of facial oil blotters! I haven’t bought them for a long time and have lost track of the new products.

What you shouldn’t drink for beauty sake

2842108098 3050472bfb o What you shouldnt drink for beauty sake

I don’t know about you but of all the beauty tips that I hear so often, the one I detest most is to drink eight glasses of plain water! I mean, water is bland and tasteless. While I always try to drink it, I can’t always drink that much per day. So I was very glad to learn from this article, the wonders of water, that we no longer need to worry about drinking specific amounts of water. Instead, we can simply satisfy our thirst with any beverage.

Why you should not steam your face so often

2829961002 86657eac46 o Why you should not steam your face so often

I have a phobia of having my face steamed during facials. When I close my eyes and feel the hot steam hovering over my face, I always fear the machine will malfunction and I will get hot water splashed on my face instead. Okay, that’s pretty irrational. I know. But I always have this feeling that steaming isn’t that great for my face even though it is supposed to open up the opens for better cleansing and some experts even claim steam moisturizes the outer layers of the skin.