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Why has my foundation color turned orange?

2721457449 b900f93dd0 o Why has my foundation color turned orange?

Sometime ago, some readers left comments in one of my entries that the Everyday Mineral foundation they’ve used changed to a darker tone after a few hours.  One even commented that hers turned to an orange hue!  I didn’t think I had a problem with mine until recently.  I noticed on at least two occasions, the color turned somewhat darker by the end of the day.  I also checked and noticed that my face was particularly oily on those days.   Is this what is meant by oxidization of makeup?

Does eating pineapples make me slimmer?

slim down with pineapples Does eating pineapples make me slimmer?
I’ve been losing weight over these few months.  To begin with, I’m not fat and I’m pretty indifferent to my weight.  I’m actually slightly irritated that people keep commenting that I’m thinner plus my clothes and even my wedding ring are now so much looser.   Actually, I haven’t done anything to shed off the kilos.  I’ve been eating the same number of meals based on the same diet.  I haven’t been exercising and instead, have been sitting in front of my computer most of the time.  So what has contributed to my weight loss?  I gave this some thoughts and I suspect, it is pineapples! 

How to get the last bit from your beauty tube

2700877200 e70bebac56 o How to get the last bit from your beauty tube

When I was using Skinceuticals SPF30 Ultimate UV Defense, I had this major problem because I could never get the last bit of the cream since it was impossible to squeeze all the sunblock from the tube as the opening was too hard.  It was not until my second tube that I figured out that since the tube is made of plastic, I could just cut the tube up and dig out the cream!  I thought I was doing something abnormal until I realized recently that other gals are also doing it.  Like The Muse who recently sawed open her Urban Decay Potion Primer! 

Which type of Vitamin C works for our skin?

2694807413 c81efc09ba o Which type of Vitamin C works for our skin?

It looks like more and more skincare products are including some form of Vitamin C in their formulations for obvious reasons of attracting customers who believe in their touted merits in skin rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction.  However, which is the true Vitamin C, which are the derivatives and what type of vitamin C really works?

Here, I’ll take a look at the difference types of Vitamin C and find out how well they perform.