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Shea Butter goodness for your skin

1311395462 19dc5261de o Shea Butter goodness for your skin

I noticed that many beauty products these days are promoted as containing Shea Butter.  Face creams, hand creams, foot creams, body wash, hair conditioners, the list is exhaustive.

For those who don’t know, Shea Butter is the beige colored creamy solid oil extracted from the fruit of the Shea tree and contains naturally occurring vitamin A and vitamin E as well as complex fatty acids and is known for its emollient and moisturizing properties.  In fact, my impression is that this is a very rich ingredient.  I didn’t know that it is also edible.

Rice bran: food for beauty

1262178368 3fc70330ea o Rice bran: food for beauty

It’s interesting to note that more and more Japanese, Korean as well as Taiwanese skincare manufacturers are using discarded items used in the production of rice, such as rice chaff and rice bran to create high priced beauty products like face lotion, eye creams and even shampoos.

According to an article in the Taiwan Headlines today, the Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute under the Ministry of Agriculture has completed a detailed five-year research and development program in which it has now introduced various beauty and cosmetics products using rice bran and rice chaff.

Foundation to match skin undertone

1262178110 c93705fc90 o Foundation to match skin undertone

Although choosing the right foundation for our face is no rocket science, it can still get quite tricky.  While we always strive to pick the shade closest to our skintone, it is not always easy to do so and the wrong shade can make us look completely faded, muddy or ashy.  

Like for me, I only realised recently that I not only have to pick the right color for my complexion, but also be able to identify my correct skin undertone and choose the right shade to match it. 

Alcohol-free or not?

1262177892 2fa1b43b64 o Alcohol free or not?

You’re probably aware that excessive consumption of alcohol has a dehydrating effect on our skin and is not very healthy beauty-wise.  But what about alcohol-based skincare products?  Are products that contain alcohol definitely bad for our skin and therefore we should only use alcohol-free only products?