Pores pores go away

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So you have large pores on your face?  Are you also suffering from blackheads which tend to go hand in hand with enlarged pores?  If you are, here’s a bare face fact.  Just about everyone gets enlarged pores, as these pores are tiny openings in our skin that provide a way for the oil glands underneath to lubricate and protect the surface of our skin.    

Turn your frown into a smile

448757761 b5409fbb2c t Turn your frown into a smileMaybe you hadn’t realised but our teeth is actually very important to our looks.  Which is why there has been a boom in cosmetic dentistry in recent years such as requests for tooth whitening treatments, crowns and dental implants.

We all know what tooth whitening is but what are crowns and dental implants?

A crown supports and covers a large tooth filling. They also can be used to attach a bridge, strengthen a weak tooth to avoid breaking, or restore an already broken tooth. In addition, crowns can cover dental implants, as well as your discolored or badly shaped teeth.

Take a skin diet

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I’ve heard many women complaining that products that used to work well for them have stopped being effective after two bottles.  Or women who find that nothing seems to be working for their skin anymore or that their skin condition have suddenly worsened overnight.   

If you’ve encountered such a problem, stop trying to slap on more concentrated creams and lotions on your face or experiment with new products that promises to improve your specific problem.  Instead, switch to natural and water-based products and take a skin diet to reset your skin to its natural state. 

Toners: Is there a difference?

434460692 b3c1844dd0 o Toners:  Is there a difference?While I’ve been using toners on my face since I started out using skincare, I’ve never actually thought much about it.  I just use it because it’s supposed to be part of the cleansing process to clear out the impurities.  And over the years, I didn’t really see a lot of difference on days when I’ve forgotten to swipe on the toner.