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What’s in a good sunblock?

300320722 ed36597c22 t Whats in a good sunblock?For those of us who live in the tropical region, sunblock is a necessity.  But do we really know if the one we’re wearing is effective? 

First, you might like to know that sunblock is actually different from sunscreen.  A sunblock physically blocks the sun’s UV radiation of the skin, both UVA and UVB.  Like the way clothes, umbrella and trees work to shade us. 

The most well-known chemical sunblock is zinc oxide and it scatters, reflects, and physically blocks UV radiation.  Other commonly used sunblocks are talc, titanium dioxide, and red vetenary petrolatum.  

Ensure foot baths in nail salons are clean and hygenic

nail salon Ensure foot baths in nail salons are clean and hygenic

Much has been reported about the hidden danger lurking for women getting pedicures performed in whirlpool foot baths in nail salons.  If the tub is not properly disinfected, users could end up getting Mycobacterium fortuitum bacterial infections which start out as boils and turn into oozing sores, often leaving disfiguring scars.   

Apart from such bacterial skin infections, users can also get fungal nail infections, viral infections and in the worst scenarios, even blood-borne viral diseases hepatitis B and C, possibly resulting in cancer of the liver.  

Can cellulite creams get rid of stubborn cellulite?

cellulite Can cellulite creams get rid of stubborn cellulite?
Do cellulite creams really work?  Or do they just burn a big hole in our pockets?  

Cellulite describes the dimpling of skin and is a collection of fatty toxins and fluids that are trapped under the connective tissue in the deeper levels of our skin. As it accumulates, the thin layer of tissue between the fat cells becomes more fibrous – like a scar. The fibrous areas start to pull together around the fat, causing the tiny dimples and irregularities typical of cellulite. 

Oxygen facials: can they make your face glow?

pic 2 Oxygen facials: can they make your face glow?
Oxygen.  You not only need it for your lungs.  You now need it for your face.  Because the gas is now in vogue as the latest facial treatment.

Touted as a healing tool to improve the appearance of the skin immediately, oxygen facials involve a machine that sprays atomised moisturisers onto the skin using a stream of pressurised oxygen. The treatment is supposed to hydrate skin, making the face appear smoother and plumper.  The therapy is also used to deliver antioxidants to the skin, and protects the epidermis from sun damage, pollution and stress.