Would you detox to lose weight & feel good?

Detox Diet Book

I've finally completed my 14-day detox program on Sunday and am ready to share more updates in terms of what I've lost or gained. Strictly speaking, I wasn't following any of the detox diets like juicing or water fast. In fact, I started out thinking that I could just rely on the Kordel's ...

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How I detox for better health and skin complexion

detox supplements

I've always knew something about detox from my best friend many years ago but I've never thought about trying it until recently when I suspected that my acne could be due to Candida, resulting in possible damage to my intestinal wall and allowing for undesirable toxins to build up in the bloodstream ...

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How to boost your sun protection from within

sun protection

Last week, I mentioned that I'll share some tips on how to up the ante on your sun protection from within. Most of us use sunscreen but are not using enough, or are not reapplying as required. Hence, it's a good idea to boost our sun protection orally, primarily through antioxidant and nutrient ...

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Chocolate & coffee: bad for acne-prone skin?

coffee & chocolate

There have been quite a bit of bad press that eating chocolates and drinking coffee promote acne. But the question is, do they? Awhile back, a reader by the nick of Loveless commented in one of my entries that chocolates do not promote acne and consuming about 10g a day would be good for our ...

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