Kordel’s Evening Primrose Oil for PMS relief

Kordel's Evening Primrose Oil

I want to thank Zhenling for bringing the Kordel’s brand of evening primrose oil to my attention in my earlier post essential oils to help relieve PMS:  I like EPO for menstrual cramps.  In my experience, the brand matters a lot. Only Kordel’s work for me.  No more cramps that cripple me for 24 hrs. Yay! ~ Zhenling…

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Does zinc benefit our skin & help prevent acne?

zinc supplement in chelate form

Two readers have mentioned the benefits of using zinc supplements for healthier skin.  Pei Fang aka pf1123 mentioned that zinc might help to reduce inflammation, reduce acne and acne scarring.  And in one of my earlier posts on cheek acne, a reader by the name of Lily suggested taking zinc tablets to help with acne….

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DIY Beauty: Kiwifruit exfoliating cleanser

kiwi fruit cleanser

Lately, we’ve been consuming lots of kiwifruits. The supermarkets here are promoting them rather aggressively, on the basis that they contain lots of vitamins to help improve our immunity against swine flu. Well, indeed they are! Full of vitamin goodness Kiwifruits or kiwis are full of vitamins and minerals, making them highly nutritious. They contain an…

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Consuming diary products caused my acne


For a couple of months since last quarter of 2008 till about March this year, I was struggling with a stubborn case of cheek acne.  It was exasperating because I rarely had such a bad skin condition.  Initially I thought it was most probably due to the oil cleansing method I was trying out.  However, the acne…

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