Goodness from multivitamins & multiminerals

Centrum multi vitamins minerals supplement

Did any one of you attend the Glow Workshop organized by Watsons last Saturday? Well, I did! And since attending the workshop, I’ve been taking Centrum, a multimineral and multivitamin formula oral supplement. Difference between vitamins and minerals Well, it came in the goodie bag from the workshop and after listening to the talk by…

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White rice & bread are bad skin foods


If you have read the copy of Mind Your Body from The Straits Times yesterday, you may have chanced upon the article “You are what you eat.” The article was two pages long and it covered the foods that age us and the foods that keep us young. According to the writer, the foods that…

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Drinking green tea promotes slimming?


image credit: Honjien It looks like my slimming down over these few months could have been a result of drinking green tea almost every other day. I had initially thought that my weight loss was due to eating pineapples but it may not be entirely due to that. Many of you are probably aware that…

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Drink milk to stay slim and trim?

I was planning to post something else today but changed my mind when I received this in my email inbox from Leon of Beauty Secrets Revealed: By the way, I would like to thank you for recommending milk for PMS, you won’t believe how quickly I am losing my belly fat, I guess its because…

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