DIY Beauty: Kiwifruit exfoliating cleanser

kiwi fruit cleanser

Lately, we've been consuming lots of kiwifruits. The supermarkets here are promoting them rather aggressively, on the basis that they contain lots of vitamins to help improve our immunity against swine flu. Well, indeed they are! Full of vitamin goodness Kiwifruits or kiwis are full of vitamins ...

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Consuming diary products caused my acne


For a couple of months since last quarter of 2008 till about March this year, I was struggling with a stubborn case of cheek acne.  It was exasperating because I rarely had such a bad skin condition.  Initially I thought it was most probably due to the oil cleansing method I was trying out.  ...

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Heliocare: oral sun protection from inside out


I bought the Heliocare Oral recently because I thought it might be a good idea to get extra protection from the oppressive sun rays these days.  Since I only apply my sunscreen in the morning and can't apply another layer of sunscreen in the middle of the day, these oral capsules offer me peace of ...

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Goodness from multivitamins & multiminerals

Centrum multi vitamins minerals supplement

Did any one of you attend the Glow Workshop organized by Watsons last Saturday? Well, I did! And since attending the workshop, I've been taking Centrum, a multimineral and multivitamin formula oral supplement. Difference between vitamins and minerals Well, it came in the goodie bag from the ...

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