Does eating pineapples make me slimmer?

Eating Pineapples Helped Me Slim Down

I’ve been losing weight over these few months.  To begin with, I’m not fat and I’m pretty indifferent to my weight.  I’m actually slightly irritated that people have been commenting that I’m thinner plus my clothes and even my wedding ring are now so much looser.   Actually, I haven’t done anything to shed off the kilos.  I’ve been…

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Take oatmeal to reduce weight

I grew up hating to eat oats and would never take a second look at this foodstuff even though I’m aware that oats are nutritious and are good for our health, with over 40 studies showing that eating oatmeal may help lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease.   However, I recently developed an interest in them…

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Gâc fruit supplement for healthy skin

I live in Asia but I have never heard about this  exotic fruit called Momordica Cochinchinensis Spreng or commonly known as Gâc in Vietnam, which it is grown in abundance.  Apparently, this is a revered bright red fruit that is regarded as a “Fruit from Heaven”, widely prized for its health and beauty benefits. From what I’ve gathered from the website…

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