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Eat tomatoes to protect against UV damage

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If you want as much protection as possible for your skin against the harmful UV rays, you may want to start eating more tomatoes or tomato paste if you aren’t already doing so. This is because tomatoes contain the potent free-radical scavenging phytonutrient lycopene and recent studies have revealed that lycopene may pack twice the punch of the well-known antioxidant beta-carotene which is known to protect our skin against sun damage.

What you shouldn’t drink for beauty sake

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I don’t know about you but of all the beauty tips that I hear so often, the one I detest most is to drink eight glasses of plain water! I mean, water is bland and tasteless. While I always try to drink it, I can’t always drink that much per day. So I was very glad to learn from this article, the wonders of water, that we no longer need to worry about drinking specific amounts of water. Instead, we can simply satisfy our thirst with any beverage.

Beauty benefits of drinking fresh milk

2804869249 a310b34a6e o Beauty benefits of drinking fresh milk

I didn’t like milk when I was younger. I hated the taste and even the look of it. It was not until I was pregnant that I started drinking milk diligently. And since then, I’ve found that I can’t do without it because it helps with my PMS and my skin problem.

Does eating pineapples make me slimmer?

slim down with pineapples Does eating pineapples make me slimmer?
I’ve been losing weight over these few months.  To begin with, I’m not fat and I’m pretty indifferent to my weight.  I’m actually slightly irritated that people keep commenting that I’m thinner plus my clothes and even my wedding ring are now so much looser.   Actually, I haven’t done anything to shed off the kilos.  I’ve been eating the same number of meals based on the same diet.  I haven’t been exercising and instead, have been sitting in front of my computer most of the time.  So what has contributed to my weight loss?  I gave this some thoughts and I suspect, it is pineapples!