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Dang Gui: All purpose women’s herb

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In many multivitamins for women today, Dang Gui (当归) or Angelica Sinensis, features strongly as one of the key ingredients.  Also known as Chinese Angelica Root, Dong Quai, or Tang Kuei, Dang Gui is highly respected in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and is also called the female ginseng and is an excellent all purpose women’s herb. 

Commonly used to treat women’s reproductive health issues, Dang Gui is a blood revitalizing tonic which helps to improve blood circulation as well as recommended to help prevent and treat some forms of cardiovascular disease.

7-day gallbladder cleansing detox program recipe

olive oil 7 day gallbladder cleansing detox program recipe
Have you heard of gallbladder cleansing or gallbladder flush?  It’s a detox program that actually help to flush out gallstones that have accumulated in our body over time. 

I have heard about it but have no idea on how it works until I learnt it from Doris of Live Life…Organics & Your Health who did a 7-day detox program five years ago to flush out more than 50 stones of different sizes from her gallbladder.

Flaxseed oil for beauty

408225858 1ad8c226cf m Flaxseed oil for beauty

I have junked the collagen supplements in favour of the cheaper and more beneficial flaxseed oil capsules these days. 

Flaxseed oil is a natural source of omega-3 essential fatty acids (EFAs) which is good for maturing, dry skin as well as skin disorders such as acne, psoriasis and eczema. In fact, it is one of the most easily available healthy fats which I’ve wrote about.

Healthy fats for beautiful skin

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Are you one of those fat phobics who are shun all fatty and oily food?  Well, not all fats are bad news.  Healthy fats ontaining essential fatty acids can actually help improve your skin condition and help you be more beautiful with fewer wrinkles and more glow. 

This is because healthy fats stimulate the production of collagen, improves the blood flow in the layer below the skin that supplies nutrients for the creation of new, healthy skin cells.   

So what are healthy fats?