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Beauty Lunchbox Ideas: sweet potatoes brekkie in a box

lunchbox Beauty Lunchbox Ideas: sweet potatoes brekkie in a box
This was supposed to be my lunchbox but ended up, I’m using it for breakfast instead. Actually, breakfast has become my biggest meal of the day and so I try to eat something more substantial. Instead of the usual bread, I’ve been eating sweet potatoes. Apparently, sweet potatoes have lower carb content compared to the regular potatoes, which means, their glycemic load is lower. In addition, I read that they come with high levels of vitamins A,C, E, fiber and beta-carotene. Hence, sweet potatoes are great to combat free radicals which causes skin aging. Not only that, they’ve great anti-inflammatory nutrients and are good to restore radiance to our skin.

6 food rules to eat right and blitz those nasty zits

eating to fight acne 6 food rules to eat right and blitz those nasty zits
I’ve always thought it so strange that experts in dermatology kept saying that diet has nothing to do with the way our skin looks or that there are no connections between diet and acne. Yet, based on a personal experience, I know that what I eat affects my skin. In fact, what I used to eat contributed to my acne because as soon as I cleaned my diet up, my acne also stopped popping up. So surely it behooves us to understand how to eat right in order to keep acne at bay.

S-Skin: 6 secret weapons for radiant & silky skin

S Skin Beauty Supplement S Skin: 6 secret weapons for radiant & silky skin
Oral beauty supplements are definitely my kind of thing. In fact, they are an integral part of my daily beauty routine. I was taking the AFC Collagen pills and had stopped to try S-Skin for the past three weeks. I realized that this product is readily available at the pharmacies but I had totally missed it. Anyway, I doubt I would have bought it had it not been introduced to me. I mean, there are just so many beauty supplements out in the market now! But I’ve been taking S-Skin for three weeks now and am pretty impressed with what I’m seeing. This is a beauty supplement that not only firms the skin but blocks UV and prevents melanin formation. Hey, that’s exactly what my skin needs!

AusPro Dr Oatcare: nutritious wholegrain goodness

AusPro Dr Oatcare Nutritional Beverage AusPro Dr Oatcare: nutritious wholegrain goodness
I need my calcium supply but the thing is, I don’t like drinking milk and I don’t eat that much green vegetables either. So when I was introduced to AusPro Dr Oatcare, I thought it might work for me because this is a nutritious blend with 76.6% wholegrain ingredients consisting mainly of Montana Embryo Oats plus 17 organic seeds, 9 mixed nuts, seaweed derived calcium and flaxseed oil. Woah…what a combination! Whole grain ingredients, lactose free, plant-based calcium, and dietary fiber. In addition, the blend is cholesterol free, made with no trans fat, no flavorings, no additives, no preservatives, and is suitable for vegetarians. Sounds really healthy but the first thing that I asked was, is this going to taste awful?