S-Skin: 6 secret weapons for radiant & silky skin


Oral beauty supplements are definitely my kind of thing. In fact, they are an integral part of my daily beauty routine. I was taking the AFC Collagen pills and had stopped to try S-Skin for the past three weeks. I realized that this product is readily available at the pharmacies but I had totally ...

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AusPro Dr Oatcare: nutritious wholegrain goodness


I need my calcium supply but the thing is, I don't like drinking milk and I don't eat that much green vegetables either. So when I was introduced to AusPro Dr Oatcare, I thought it might work for me because this is a nutritious blend with 76.6% wholegrain ingredients consisting mainly of Montana ...

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Madre Labs phyto-nutrition greens and berry powder


As you can tell, I'm on an iHerb spree this season. I must have made like three hauls over the past two months and just trying out new stuff. Apart from beauty products, supplements appeal to me too particularly if they've got some beauty benefits. Like these: Midori Greens and Eureka Berries from ...

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Beauty Kitchen: healthy brekkie with iHerb snacks

Hot Oatmeal Breakfast

Look what's for my breakfast recently—snacks from iHerb! Yeah, I realized that iHerb stocks some great snacks, many of which are not available here or are a lot cheaper compared to what we get off the shelves. So I've been ordering a few items to try and found these that make for a quick, nutritious ...

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