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Madre Labs phyto-nutrition greens and berry powder

Madre Labs Antioxidant Drink1 Madre Labs phyto nutrition greens and berry powder

As you can tell, I’m on an iHerb spree this season. I must have made like three hauls over the past two months and just trying out new stuff. Apart from beauty products, supplements appeal to me too particularly if they’ve got some beauty benefits. Like these: Midori Greens and Eureka Berries from Madre Labs.

Beauty Kitchen: healthy brekkie with iHerb snacks

Hot Oatmeal Breakfast Beauty Kitchen: healthy brekkie with iHerb snacks

Look what’s for my breakfast recently—snacks from iHerb! Yeah, I realized that iHerb stocks some great snacks, many of which are not available here or are a lot cheaper compared to what we get off the shelves. So I’ve been ordering a few items to try and found these that make for a quick, nutritious and great tasting breakfast—oatmeal and wild berry mix. And all I need is a bowl and hot water and my breakfast is ready in an instant!

Garbanzo beans: beauty food for your skin and hair

garbanzo beans Garbanzo beans: beauty food for your skin and hair

I didn’t know that Garbanzo beans are the same as chickpeas until recently. Well, I was eating quite a bit of chickpeas at one stage and they were always in dried form, which required soaking and then steaming. These canned Garbanzo beans on the other hand, only require steaming and they’re ready to be eaten. Some people use these to add to their salad but I like to eat it like a snack. They were great for me when I was undergoing a body detox to get rid of my acne as these beans are a high source of both soluble and insoluble dietary fibers. They definitely helped me to purge whatever toxic stuff that was dormant in my intestines! Haha.

The beauty benefits of eating kiwifruit daily

kiwi1 The beauty benefits of eating kiwifruit daily

I’m currently in the mood for kiwifruit and I’m so glad to know that this is an awesome beauty food! The kiwifruit is a powerful antioxidant with a great amount of vitamin E and vitamin C plus traces of vitamin A. So when taken often, this fruit helps to slow down the physical aging process of our skin. In fact, kiwifruit contains more vitamin C than an orange to stimulate collagen synthesis and prevent free radicals from damaging our skin. In addition, the black seeds within the kiwifruit also contain the fatty acid omega-3 oils, which also help slow down the aging process of our skin.