Garbanzo beans: beauty food for your skin and hair


I didn't know that Garbanzo beans are the same as chickpeas until recently. Well, I was eating quite a bit of chickpeas at one stage and they were always in dried form, which required soaking and then steaming. These canned Garbanzo beans on the other hand, only require steaming and they're ready to ...

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The beauty benefits of eating kiwifruit daily


I'm currently in the mood for kiwifruit and I'm so glad to know that this is an awesome beauty food! The kiwifruit is a powerful antioxidant with a great amount of vitamin E and vitamin C plus traces of vitamin A. So when taken often, this fruit helps to slow down the physical aging process of our ...

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Beauty snacking: healthy and tasty QQ rice rolls

healthy mix rice dumpling

I just found myself a new snack to indulge in - QQ rice rolls! They're quite yummy and I really like that they're made with purple rice, brown rice, red rice, wheat germ brown rice, or mixed grains. Definitely a high fiber snack that improves the digestive system with detoxifying properties! And ...

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